Callie Hart – Wicked Things, Release Blitz / Review



Wicked Things by Callie Hart is now Live!


Book Cover 1




Zeth Mayfair’s a man of few words.


He’s never struggled to get his point across with his fists, but when the safety of the woman he loves is threatened once more, he has to get smart. No gun fights. No car bombs. No slitting anyone’s throats in their sleep. This time, the wickedest man in Seattle must get creative in order to defend those he loves.


After all…


He now also has his unborn child to protect…



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My Revew:

This is book 3 in the Chaos & Ruin series, featuring the one and only Zeth Mayfair, the original bad boy motherfucker I first fell in love with, and he’s back for more, and it is wickedly good!!

Jeez that was a good read!!! Told from dual POVs from Zeth and his Angry Girl Sloane, we also travel back in time and return to the present, as we learn more about Zeth and his unearthly attraction for Sloane. I loved that!! That we get to go back and find out just how much he fell hook line and sinker for Sloane, his badass self just can’t understand it, which makes him all that more lovable to me!

Again there’s lots of action and a helluva roller coaster of an emotional ride to be had reading this. Zeth is off to sort out the Barbieri family after what happened in book 2, as he cannot risk anything happening to Sloane, especially now. But they know he’s coming, and they’re ready for him.

Sloane is being protected by Michael whilst Zeth is away, and she’s running about the hospital doing what she does best. But Sloane gets taken, whilst there, right under Michael’s nose, whilst Zeth is away. Stand back and wait for the fireworks to start once Zeth finds out what’s happened!!!

We also learn a lot more of Mason in this book after the death of his sister in the last one – there’s definitely scope for a book just about Mason let me tell you!!!

More characters are included in this that you are going to love and hate including the Barbieri brothers and of course Agent Lowell – she is a piece of work that woman!!!

And the ending will just blow you away!!! So very emotional, I just loved it.

Another 5 star read from Callie, I just hope there is more to come from Zeth and Sloane, the world just wouldn’t be the same without them!!





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