Book Signing ~ #RARE17 in Berlin



Another awesome event by the #RARE team!!


This was my second #RARE signing, the first being in Edinburgh last year, and this years event was just as awesome!!  Well organised, great authors, lovely hotel – I can heartily recommend you attend any of these #RARE events – I’m already booked in for #RARE18 London and #RAREROMA!



So, this is me in my specially made Blog tshirt, with most of the major PR companies I blog for on the back!


My daughter and I landed on the Friday morning and met up with Sophie Broughton (from Bookalicious Babes Blog) and her friend Sam for a whistle-stop tour of Berlin before the main event :



We then had a meet up planned in a Beer Garden where the pre-registration was taking place later, for all of Author Lauren Rowe‘s #LoveMonkeys that were attending #RARE17. This was a lovely chance to get to meet everyone in a nice relaxed setting, and to meet and chat with Lauren, who is just one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  I love her dearly!!



So, its the morning of the signing, we’re up and ready and raring to go, with a decent amount of books to be signed and plans to visit as many Authors as we have time for.


Just to say – I picked up an awful lot of stuff to giveaway!!!  We’re talking signed books, swag, photos, an autograph book and a signed canvas!!  So keep you’re eyes peeled for these giveaways in future blogs!!!


Here’s an alphabetical list of the Authors I managed to get round and see :


Author Celia Aaron

with Aaron, CeliaIt was lovely to meet Celia and Mr Aaron as well!!  First time meeting Celia at a signing.  I had won a signed book of The Bad Guy from her the previous week so was lovely to meet her in person!

FB Group: Celia Aaron’s Acquisitions



Author Katie Ashley

with Ashley, Katie


Another first for me seeing Katie, she was lovely!

FB Group: Ashley’s Angels



Author Jana Aston

with Aston, Jana

This is the second time I’ve met Jana, first was at #RARE16 in Edinburgh.  She is just as funny in real life as the books she writes, shes a love!!  It’s always a pleasure to read Jana’s ARC’s, you know you’re in for a good read!

FB Group: Jana Aston’s Grind Me Cafe (Reader Group)



Author Natasha Boyd

with Boyd Natasha

First time meeting Natasha, and she was great to talk to!

FB Group: Natasha Boyd’s Readers





Author Catherine Bybee

with Bybee, Catherine

First time meeting Catherine – we were lucky enough to be able to spend some time with her and Lauren Rowe on the Friday night, and what a fab person she is!

FB Group: Chatty Cathy’s



Author Ruth Cardello

with Cardello, Ruth


First time meeting Ruth, but had not long done a review of In The Heir, so it was really nice to get to meet her.




Author Audrey Carlan

with Carlan, Audrey


First time meeting Audrey, she was lovely!




Author Ruth Clampett

with Clampett, Ruth


First time meeting Ruth, she was lovely to talk to.





Author Alice Clayton

with Clayton, Alice


This is the second time I’ve met Alice, the first one was at #RARE16 in Edinburgh, so nice!




Author LH Cosway

with Cosway, LH


This is the second time I’ve met LH, she’s lovely.

FB Group: LH Cosway’s Blue Queens




Author Cara Dee

with Dee, Cara


First time meeting Cara, she was really nice.





Author Karina Halle

with Halle, Karina


First time meeting Karina, great to talk to!





Author AM Hargrove

with Hargrove, AM


First time meeting AM, but she was lovely to talk to.





Author Emma Hart

with Hart, Emma

This is the second time I’ve met Emma with her lovely husband Darryl.  We stayed at the same hotel as them so managed to spend a bit of time chatting with them.  They are a lovely couple!!  Being on Emma’s ARC team is fab, you know you’re in for a real treat with her books!

FB Group: Emma Hart’s Hartbreakers



Author Staci Hart

with Hart, Staci


First time meeting Staci, such a lovely person!





Author Monica James

with James, Monica


First time meeting Monica, lovely to talk to.





Author Lesley Jones

with Jones, Lesley


First time meeting Lesley, she was fab – Carnage is definitely on my TBR list Keri Roberts!!

FB Group: Lesley Jones Book Bar



Author Terri E. Laine

with Laine, Terri E.


First time meeting Terri, she was really nice.




Author LP Lovell

with Lovell, LP


First time meeting LP, she was lovely.





Author SM Lumetta

with Lumetta, SM


First time meeting SM, she was really nice, loved her green hair!

FB Group: The iLumettanati Library




Author Natasha Madison

with Madison, Natasha

First time meeting Natasha, she was lovely to talk to.





Author Jodi Ellen Malpas

I’ve met Jodi several times now and she is always such a sweetheart!!  I was that busy talking and catching up with her I forgot to take a photo with her!!!  The airplane had lost her luggage so she was in a bit of a pickle.  She’d had to choose between bringing knickers to wear or ARC’s of All I Am: Drew’s Story – argh!!!  Knickers was the wrong choice Jodi lol !!!  Jesse out of This Man is one of my all time favourite book boyfriends!

FB Group: Jodi Ellen Malpas Official Group. Love lace and everything ish


Author Meghan March

with March, Meghan

Second time of meeting Meghan, who is just so nice to talk to! Again its a pleasure when I get to read her ARC’s, the books are always fabulous!

FB Group: Meghan March’s Runaway Readers



Author JJ McAvoy

with McAvoy, JJ

First time meeting JJ, she was really nice.

FB Group: JJ’s Ruthless Street Queens



Author Raine Miller

with Miller, Raine


First time meeting Raine, she was just lovely!

FB Group: Raine Miller Romance Readers




Author Liv Morris

with Morris, Liv


First time meeting Liv, a pleasure to talk to!





Author Cat Porter

with Porter, Cat


First time meeting Cat, she was just so nice!

FB Group: Cat Porter’s Cat Calls




Author Jo Raven

with Raven, Jo

This must be my second or even third time meeting Jo, I have quite a collection of her signed books now!!  Again she’s really nice and I love getting her ARC’s through, the men she writes about are just yum!

FB Group: Jo’s Ravens (Readers Group)



Author BB Reid

with Reid, BB


My second time meeting BB, she’s a lovely person!

FB Group: Reiderville





Author Claire Riley

with Riley, Claire

My second time meeting Claire, she is so nice to talk to!

FB Group: Claire C Riley (Author) Fans




Author Lauren Rowe

with Rowe, Lauren

This is my second time meeting Lauren, whom I adore!!  You couldn’t ask to meet a nicer person than Lauren.  I love receiving Lauren’s ARC’s, her writing is just fabulous.  Her Club Series is one of my all time favourite reads ever!!!  #LoveMonkeys

FB Group: Lauren Rowe Books



Author Emma Scott

with Scott, Emma

First time meeting Emma, but I’d just read an ARC of Sugar & Gold, so it was lovely to meet her!

FB Group: Emma’s Entourage



Author Harper Sloan

with Sloan, Harper


My second time meeting Harper, with our hair colours we stood out a wee bit!!  She is just lovely to talk to.

FB Group: Harper Sloan’s Alpha Babes



Author Kandi Steiner

with Steiner, Kandi


First time meeting Kandi, she was just lovely!

FB Group: Kandiland




Author Katherine Stevens

with Stevens, Katherine


First time meeting Katherine, she was really nice.





Author Jade West

with West, Jade

My second or even third time of meeting Jade, she’s always lovely to talk to, and when her ARC’s come through you know you’re going to get something dirty!!

FB Group: Jade West’s Dirty Readers




Author Clarissa Wild

with Wild, Clarissa


My second time meeting Clarissa and her now hubby!!  She is always a pleasure to talk to about dirty books!

FB Group: Fan Club Clarissa Wild



Author Suzanne Wright

with Wright, Suzanne

My second time meeting Suzanne, who is just wonderful with a wicked sense of humour!!  Lovely to meet her again.




Author Mariana Zapata

with Zapata, Mariana


My first time meeting Mariana, who was lovely!





Author A. Zavarelli

with Zavarelli, A.

First time meeting her and she was just lovely to talk to.

FB Group: A. Zavarelli’s Femme Fatales




So, an awesome time was had by all!!!  There were hardly any queues, no ticketing system was needed, and it was a chilled out and relaxing affair, no pushing or shoving or overcrowding – the best signing I’ve been to yet!!


with Wilson, Jake

Model – Jake Wilson

I even managed to get a photo with Jake whilst I was there!!  He came with Meghan March and was wandering round while she was doing her stuff.  He was lovely to talk to and we had a few minutes chatting and a quick pic!



20170617_081345763_iOSMen of #RARE – Stuart Reardon, Jase Dean & Franggy Yanez-Fracrox

This was my second time meeting the Men of #RARE, they were also at Edinburgh last year, and as usual it was lovely to have them there and chat with them, they are all so lovely to talk to!!









Upcoming Giveaways

I have got A LOT of stuff that will be being given away in the coming months from #RARE17 in Berlin!!




These include signed books by the Authors.








An Autograph book and a canvas signed by the Authors.


2 Tote bags full of all sorts of swag, again some signed by the Authors.




2 signed photographs of the Men of #RARE


Here they are doing the signing!!



Next signings


These are the signings I’m off to next:



Four Brits Book Fest  ~  November 11th 2017   ~   Manchester, UK


RARE18 London

#RARE18 London Calling  ~  February 24th 2018  ~  London, UK


RARE18 Rome

#RAREROMA  ~  June 23rd 2018  ~  Rome, Italy.


Maybe I’ll see you at some of these Events??



Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for those future Giveaways!!  I will be posting them here on my Blog and over on my FB Blog page



Claire xx

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