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From Rachel Lyn Adams comes her debut novel Falling For the Unexpected.

Book 1 of her Life Unexpected Series is NOW LIVE !!!

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Cover Art: Kellie Dennis at Book Cover by Design
Photographer & Model: Nathan Hainline

She’s worked hard to overcome her past.

He tries to ignore his.

When their scars are reopened, will they be able to help each other heal, or will it be what keeps them apart?


For as long as I could remember, I’ve always wanted a family. When I finally get what I want, it’s nothing like I’d expected it to be. It never occurred to me that making one bad decision for all the right reasons could end so wrong. Now, I’m unsure about the future for myself and my daughter. But I can’t take it anymore. I’ve hit the breaking point. Knowing I want out, I turn to a friend for help. He’s completely off limits, so I never expected feelings to get involved.


The past is always there, waiting to remind you of your pain when you’re most vulnerable. I’ve learned to keep people at bay so I won’t get hurt again. But when I see Simone struggling to do everything she can for her daughter, I can’t look away. It makes me want to be someone she can lean on, someone she can trust with her thoughts and feelings, but our shared history is complicated. When it becomes clear that she needs my help, I can’t say no. I was only supposed to guide her through the process—the most difficult time in her life. But now, I can’t stop thinking about her.

Falling For The Unexpected is book 1 in the Life Unexpected Series. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone. Falling For The Unexpected contains mature content and is for readers 18 and older.

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What Others are saying about Falling For the Unexpected

“I read this book in one sitting, I was so drawn into this story! I cannot believe this is a debut novel!” Emma from Ever Growing Book Obsession

“This books takes you on a journey that fills your heart with hope, reminds you that it’s never to late, and opens your eyes to the possibilities of a happily ever. READ IT.” ~Meagan from Flirtatiously Fictitious Reads


My Review:

A new author and this is her debut novel, which turned out to be really very good, especially for her first.

This is a ‘real life’ book – a very plausible story – getting married for the wrong reasons, settling for things that are less than perfect for an easy life, attraction to other members in the in-law family – things that happen everyday, but when put together with this type of storyline, make for a really good read!

Its well written with some great characters that make you feel – Kyle was just lovely, having worked hard to get where he is with problems in his family life growing up, giving him problems with relationships. Simone – I really felt for her, her bad situation growing up, and the mess she found herself in, but how strong she was for her little family! Some great secondary characters also with Trent and his family!

This isn’t just a boy meets girl story, there’s an awful lot more to it than that, and its a bit of a long haul along the way with some pitfalls thrown in for good measure. Kyle and Simone have a lot going for them, but they both have their own issues that complicate matters even further. Quite emotional at times, and it parts it made me quite angry too, one character in particular needed a good slap!

All in all a great first book, a little long and drawn out for me and a real slow burn for the main characters, but definitely worth the read.


Rachel lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, five children, two dogs, two cats, and a gecko. Whenever she has some free time you’ll find her with a book in her hands. She never believed she was the creative type until she sat down one day and started plotting out a story that wouldn’t leave her head. From there the ideas continued to flow. It was then that she found her outlet and she hasn’t stopped since.


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