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Commitment by K.M. Golland is now LIVE!!


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Sizzling power couple, Bryce and Alexis — from the Temptation novels — help bring sexy back to their friend’s lacklustre thirteen-year marriage.

Natasha Jones loves her life, her husband and their two young sons. She works hard both at home and as an Events Supervisor at City Towers. But when a relationship with her work colleague unexpectedly progresses, Tash begins to question whether or not her marriage has passed its ‘Use by’ date.

Dean Jones is a numbers man but has no idea that his number could be up where his marriage is concerned. Never one to really speak his mind, he has always opted to just go with the flow in order to keep his wife happy.

Passion, intimacy, and communication have taken a backseat to demanding careers, a mortgage, and family life, and it’s not until Tash and Dean stand to lose everything they have built together that the spark between them begins to flicker again.
And boy does it flicker …
and ignite …
and nearly burn the entire neighbourhood down!

Can Tash and Dean keep this newly lit flame alive and save their marriage? Or will temptation make the commitment seem too much to bear?




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He was everywhere


My Review:

Wow, this book!! It’s been a while since I’ve visited Brylexis world, but as soon as I started reading this I knew I was back, transported into the unique writing style of Kelly Golland – full of real life drama, wit, sass, sexy times and so much laughter I peed myself!!!

This is Tash and Dean’s story. They’ve been married for a number of years, have 2 sons, and Alexis is Tash’s best friend, with Bryce being her boss. They are surrounded by loving family and friends, but seem to have got in a rut without realising it. Tash nags him to hang his keys up when he gets home from work – how difficult is this, can he not remember?? Dean puts her to sleep with his normal missionary position and slow love making while she fakes her orgasm, or is just flat out asleep and he ends up using porn to relieve himself!!

Its not until temptation is brought into the frey that Tash starts to question what she has with Dean, and realises that something is missing, but will she find that missing something somewhere else??

This has got to be one of the best books I’ve read so far this year, it was that good, and I’ve read a lot!! Such a brilliant read, and if you’re a normal person that has been married or is married, this is so completely relate-able to!! The stuff that happens in this book happens in real life, its as simple as. I can definitely make comparisons to my own life to stuff that happens in this book!!

So for me it was a very poignant read, and had me thinking and feeling vast amounts of apathy for Tash and what she was going through. But as this is told from a dual point of view, you also get the same bit of the story but from Dean’s perspective, which throws a whole new light on the subject.

There is no bad guy in this story, there is just life and what it throws at you and how you handle it.

Of course if was fabulous to get a bit more of Alexis and Bryce as they feature quite a lot in here, offering advice to the couple in their own unique way. That in itself was brilliant, to see how Alexis works Bryce and vice versa, and the advice they had to offer!!

I was totally gripped by this, unable to put it down until I had finished. There were times when I giggled, snort-laughed and full out belly laughed until I peed myself, thinking OMG that is me / that is my husband!! At other times I was wrecked and totally felt what they were going through. Its a fabulous story, emotional at times, heartfelt, real, gross, cringeworthy, funny, sexy, sad – so many feels reading this!!!

I can’t recommend this enough, this is a must read for anyone, and as I said one of the best reads of the year so far. A fabulous 5 stars!!


About the Author:


dafc1-km2bgolland“I’m an author. I am married. I am a mother of two adorable little people. I’m a bookworm, craftworm, movieworm, and sportsworm. I’m also a self confessed shoe-aholic, tea-aholic, car-aholic, and bridge-aholic.”

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, K.M. Golland is a best selling hybrid author, and a ranty, married mother of two with a very healthy high heel obsession.





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