Frankie Rose ~ Black Moon Rising ~ Release Blitz / Teasers / Review


Black Moon Rising

by Callie Hart, writing as Frankie Rose



Black Moon Rising is a full-length science fiction romance by USA Today bestselling author, Callie Hart, writing as Frankie Rose.
Black Moon Rising is OUT NOW!




“I am not the man you think I am,” I tell him.

“Probably not. But isn’t that wonderful? There’s every possibility you could be so much MORE.”

Jass has been the Construct’s creature for years. A sinister prince. A man of shadows and fear. People cower at his feet. They cater to his every dark desire.

Who would dare defy the most dangerous man ever created?

No one…

Except for her.

Reza’s been on the run for seven years. She’s found peace on her hidden planet. Managed to build some semblance of a life for herself there.

But when the man she fears most in all the galaxy finally learns of her location, she must face him in order to escape his wrath once and for all.

A sea of stars separates them, but even that won’t keep them apart.




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My Review:

What a fantastic sci-fi read from Callie Hart writing at Frankie Rose. My God this woman can write about any genre and make a huge success out of it!!! Featuring a massively hot and domineering alpha male and a strong feisty female, a totally captivating and unique story unlike anything that is out there at the minute and sizzlingly hot chemistry – I loved it!! Told from dual POV’s I was completely enthralled and captivated within moments, never wanting the story to end, and when it did, ARGHH, I need more, like right now!!!!

Jass is a product of The Construct, a tool to be used for domination – he is feared and despised across galaxies, a lethal killer, without emotion – except for her. Reza. They are somehow connected, bonded, tethered together. She managed to escape from his ship seven years ago, putting as much distance as she could between them. But still she knew it would only be a matter of time before he came for her.

Brilliantly written, graphic in detail, a whole new world so very vivid in description!! I loved the characters and their powers, so utterly strong, yet the bond between them was so much stronger, yet something they didn’t understand, or for Reza even remember!! Utterly unputdownable, the passion and chemistry sizzles, the story utterly captivating, and true to form with a Callie book, with the bad ass alpha male, you never know what you’re going to get, just when you think you’ve sussed him out, he does something completely unexpected!! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED!!! I can’t wait for the next book, there’s a bit of a cliffy ending, which has me dying for the next book!!

So very highly recommended, even if you don’t like sci-fi, the writing and the story is incredible – give it a go!!! 5 out of this world stars!!!



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