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“Brooks Adams is unlike any hero I have written.” – Laura Carter




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A high-intensity personal trainer
The secret to Brooks’ success as a Manhattan gym owner? Being motivated to disprove everyone who doubted him long ago. He’s not about to let a perky newcomer like Izzy tarnish his reputation. Even if watching her lead a salsa class on his premises is fuel for some very unprofessional fantasies . . .

His beautiful British rival
Every time Izzy slams Brooks in her fitness blog, her book sales soar. But when their escalating media feud forces them to be up-close-and-personal for two weeks, she realizes there’s much more to Brooks than that incredible body.

And a competition that’s got their hearts racing…
Soon Izzy and Brooks are finding all kinds of creative ways to work up a sweat. A passionate workout is easy, but can their rivalry give way to a lasting partnership?


My Review:

The 2nd book in the Brits in Manhattan series by Laura, I was really looking forward to reading this after book 1 Balancing the Scales, and it didn’t disappoint, it was a great read!!

Brooks is a personal trainer and gym owner, believing everyone is different and tailor-making plans around his clients, giving him the reputation of THE place to go in NYC. But his motivation stems from problems in his past, getting his girlfriend pregnant at a very early age and not being good enough for her parents to be able to accept Brooks into their life. 18yrs later and he’s still not over her, even though she has moved on and has a family of her own, he is bitter and resentful, only indulging in one night stands to ease the pressure.

Izzy is a trainer also, but has different beliefs to Brooks, Clean and Green is her moto, with fresh veg shakes and salsa dancing to keep fit. She’s fast approaching 30, but still lives in a house with her sister, paid for by Mummy and Daddy. She has just launched a new book and is doing a 2 wk blog tour in NYC to promote this along with her dancing. Her publicist suggests using Brooks’ gym to shoot a salsa video, and she literally turns up demanding to use a studio at his gym, but Brooks is having none of her attitude – let the games begin!!

There is real hate in their relationship to begin with – he won’t bow down to her and give in to her every demand, which is probably what she’s used to, and she definitely does not like being told no. Izzy is spoilt and pampered, but is trying her best to make it on her own, none of which is being helped by the brute of a man that is Brooks, who she is most definitely not attracted to, even though he is very hot, handsome and with lots of muscles!! She is fiery and sassy, which drives Brooks utterly mad, yet he ends up laughing at her antics, something he hasn’t done in years. Watching her salsa dance in his studio has him thinking some very rude thoughts!!

A great read, with both main characters putting up one hell of a fight against each other before succumbing to their mutual attraction. There’s a lot of push and pulling, sarcastic comments and banter flowing in the story. It takes a while for their walls to slowly come down and they start seeing each other for who they truly are. But all this happens within a really short time frame as Izzy is only there for 2 weeks, so they have a lot to get through and not much time to work with each other.

Funny, sexy, emotional – its definitely worth the read – highly recommended.

About the Author:

Laura Carter is the bestselling author of the Vengeful Love series. She writes from her beach home in the Caribbean where she lives with her husband and (gorgeous) dog. She loves all things romance, including paper hearts, flowers, chocolates and champagne (not necessarily in that order). If she isn’t writing or hanging around on social media, you can probably find her watching a romcom with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s.


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