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Fire Bride A Reverse Harem Dragon Fantasy from Ava Sinclair.


The Sequel to Sacrifice


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One woman. Four dominant dragon lords whose desire is only for her. An enemy that threatens all they hold dear.

War is coming. After hundreds of years of sleep, the ShadowFell Dragons seeks revenge on the Drakoryans, the shifter race that drove them far from the Drakoryan Empire. And this time, the huge night dragons have their sights set on a prize they must not be allowed to claim. They covet the Drakoryan’s humanity, and seek the deep magic, and with it, the key to victory.

My mates seek to protect me from the awful reality, from what’s coming. They urge me to focus on running the household, on pleasing their insatiable sexual appetites. They tell me that war is of no concern for a woman.

But I am no ordinary woman. I am a Fire Bride, and when I learn that human villages are coming under attack, the protectiveness of my mates threatens our bond. I was never supposed to return to the village, but not even an army of dragon lords can stop me from saving those I love.

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Tythos looks up at me. “I don’t intend to hurt you, Lyla. But I will have order in this house. We all need to remember our places.”

“Our places…” I repeat his words back to him. What is my place, I suddenly wonder? In the confidence of my loving mates, or outside of it? Tythos doesn’t realize I saw him in the courtyard today; he’d likely assumed I was deep in the kitchens. I hate that he’s not been honest with me. I hate that our first words tonight were spoken in anger.

“Perhaps I should leave,” I say. My hand is on his cheek. His skin is warmer than usual, his color higher, and I can see the hint of gold in his eyes. When he reaches up to grab my hand, his grip is harder than usual.

“No.” His voice is strained. “Don’t go.”

I want to ask him what is wrong, but I don’t have to. I suspect Tythos’ intensity is tied to today’s activities, to his preparing for whatever danger they are keeping from me.

He considers himself and his brothers to be my masters, and perhaps they are. But we both know there are limits. I could walk away if I wish, refuse to bed him this night. It would anger him, but he would not force me. And I consider it, but the unspoken need in his eyes is so great I cannot deny him. I can, however, remind him of who I am.

I push him back on the bed, and this seems to surprise him. Wordlessly, I lift my skirt. I am bare underneath, and despite the tension between us, the sight of his cock tenting his skirt is already eliciting a response from me.

I climb onto the bed, onto him, and straddle his chest. I hike the hem of my gown up to my waist revealing my glistening pussy. I take his hand and guide it to the parted outer lips, and moan when his finger finds the nub of my clitoris.

“Do you remember the first time we fucked, Tythos?”

“How can I forget? It wasn’t so long ago. And even in a hundred years I shall remember it as if it were yesterday. I asked you if you wanted to ride the dragon.”

I smile. “Yes. And then you taught me how to ride your mighty cock.”

“There’s more than one way to ride a dragon, my lady.”

“Oh?” I arch my brow, curious.

“A truly skilled lady rides a dragon’s tongue.” He reaches out suddenly and lifts me up so I’m straddling his face. He has the advantage now, and my body shudders when his mouth latches onto my inner labia and he growls possessively, sending little reverberations through my core.

Tythos holds my hips tight in his grasp. His hot tongue stabs and probes and licks. The heat of it enhances the sensation. I shamelessly squirm and grind on his face, and with each fevered motion, my mate increases the intensity of his ministrations until I arch my back and scream my passion into the empty air.

My knees are weak when he lifts me from his face. He rises to his knees, pulling me with him. His mouth finds mine, probing it with a tongue flavored with my own essence. But when he puts his fingers in the neckline of my gown, I tear my mouth away from his.

“No,” I breathe. “It’s my favorite gown.”

“Then I will be gentle, my lady. At least until I remove it.”

I can feel the arousal trickling down my thighs as he lifts the gown over my head. The very thing that frustrates me about Tythos also makes him a most effective lover. He is unabashedly dominant, and as soon as the dress is off he’s behind me, putting his hand under my chin and pulling my head back as he bites the side of my neck. I whimper as I feel his cock seeking entrance to my pussy.

The cocks of Drakoryan males are not like those of human men. They can change shape, texture, even split in two. Each of my mate takes me differently. Tonight, as Tythos pushes himself into my throbbing pussy, I can feel nodules rising along the length of his cock, each one pulsing independently, massaging my inner core. It’s especially intense where he’s able to focus the pressure on that spot high on the front wall of my pussy. I am squirming, the pleasure so good, almost too good. I can feel my climax building, the pressure of it so great that I fear when it breaks I’ll shatter, like glass. But when I come, I don’t break. I just reach back and wrap my hands around his neck. Tythos twists my nipples as the ripples of carnal ecstasy surge through me, each wave causing my body to spasm on his.

But he’s not finished. Tythos pulls out and sits, turning and impaling me as I straddle his lap, facing him. I moan as he undulates inside me, his cock moving in little waves alternating with rapid vibrations. I fall back, helpless in his grasp, giving him access once more to my breasts. He sucks the nipples into his hot mouth, worrying the hard peaks, his suckling keeping rhythmic cadence with my next two orgasms.

I’m spent, depleted, weak as a kitten in his mighty, muscular arms. His mouth is in my hair. He holds me gently, and in the candle’s glow, I watch our shadows, joined together, heaving, as we seek to slow our breathing.

It would be perfect, all so perfect, were it not for the disappointment from our earlier exchange. As Tythos slips from me, he pulls me onto the bed and strokes my hair. In the afterglow of sex, will he be more willing to talk before we couple again?

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About the Author: Variety is the spice of life and Ava Sinclair writes a little something for everyone, from dark romance to menage to kinky AF age play. But the one thing that is consistent in her books are strong storylines, alpha males, and strong women whose hearts and bodies aren’t given up without a fight.

Ava lives in southern Virginia, where she enjoys hoarding books, hiking, running, spoiling her cats, and spending time with her Eurasian eagle owl, Lucius.

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