Addison Cain ~ Sigil: A Reverse Harem Dark Romance ~ Cover Reveal / Re-Release Blitz / Teaser / Review

Cover Reveal & Re-Release Blitz


Sigil: A Reverse Harem Dark Romance

Irdesi Empire Book 1

by Addison Cain




Quinn cannot escape Pax.

After a century spent in hiding, the Irdesi Emperor has finally cornered her—and as their species’ only female, Sovereign and his brothers are ravenous to claim her as their bride. They wish to take, to please… but above all, they wish to control.

They outnumber her, they are stronger, and they are relentless.

But the males don’t know Pax Station like she does. They don’t know how far Quinn will go in her war against the unwanted attentions of old enemies. Enemies who claim to love her. Enemies who take without asking.

Enemies who terrify and confuse, threaten and adore.

And she has no way out.


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My Review:

UPDATE: This book has been re-released with new covers, which I think look awesome, and it has also been extended. I have also just done a re-read and thoroughly enjoyed this if not more on my second time of reading, it really is a fantastic read with brilliantly written characters. I really felt for Sigil and everything she had been through, having been reprogrammed to hate Sovereign only to learn she was actually made to be his Consort!! Highly recommended reading!!


So after reading the Alpha’s Claim series, I still had this series unread on my Kindle, so stayed with the author to see how different this would be compared with the one I had just read.

Again this is very much a mix of genres – sci fi / dystopian / horror / erotica, but the mix is good and works well with the story.

There’s a lot to take in at first, as with every new world building at the start, but its not difficult to get to grips with.

Sigil aka Quinn is a real badass and I loved her!! Not one to be messed with, with the skills to kill you quicker than you could blink and mental psionics that could blow things apart – do not get in her way!!! But she loved her companion Que, her rock, the one she could rely on no matter what. And she had a soft spot for kids, many of which she saved if she could.

For centuries she has avoided Sovereign and his brothers, or killed any that got in her way. As far as she is concerned that is her job in life, she has been raised to kill Sovereign, and will do so with pleasure if she gets the chance.

But to Sovereign and his brothers, she is the last female of the species and was designed to be with him, but her training/programming has been rewritten to be his enemy, which he must overcome if he has any chance of being with her.

Lots of great characters in this one, with lots going on!! I was hooked in this vivid world within a few pages. But be warned there are hot and sexy scenes in here, but couple that with lots of gore, violence and even cannibalism!! If you’re not good with dark reads, this probably won’t suit you.

But I thoroughly enjoyed it, straight on to book 2 for me now!



Author Bio:

USA Today Bestselling author, Addison L. Cain, was born in sunny California, but found herself drawn to dwell in older, history-rich places. Japan, Ireland, Qatar, and now Washington DC, Addison is always on the move, always eager to immerse herself in new cultures and people. Her stories reflect the antiquities she loves: deep and sometimes very dark. Driven to push her characters beyond the pale, Addison’s books are not for the faint of heart.


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