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Today we have a blog tour for THE TRAITOR’S BRIDE by Alix Nichols! Check it out and grab your copy today!


Author: Alix Nichols

Genre: Scifi Romance

About The Traitor’s Bride:

On her untamed gift hinges the future of a planet—and her lover’s life…

A month ago, ex-army Major Areg Sebi was thrown into prison.

Now he’s on the scaffold, laying his head on the block.

No public trial for the disgraced war hero. No cyborgs from the League of Realms to whisk him away.

No help. No escape.

A priestess chants a prayer for the major’s soul, even as a judge cries out, “Death to the traitor!”

In the crowd below, laundry maid Etana Tidryn stares into Areg’s eyes.

His lips were hot against hers last night. His hands roamed her body, worshipped her, pleasured her.

She’s falling for him, hard and fast.

She’s still hoping, even if he’s given up…

Can Etana transcend everything she knows—transcend life itself—to save him?

Can she rise to meet her destiny?





My ARC Review:

This is my first book by Alix Nichols and was intrigued by the blurb, I do love me a good bit of sci fi, and this looked like a really good start to a new series.

I must say I did find this hard going at first to get into, lots going on with not an awful lot of background to the story, but it gets easier as you get into it and develops into a good storyline, well paced, intriguing and engaging, full of political scandal, power hungry individuals, scandal, betrayal, innocent love and sizzling chemistry – top this off with sci fi elements like magic, cyborgs, and different technologies and you have the first book in a series that looks to be a good one. Be warned this first book does end in a cliffhanger however.

Areg Sebi is a war hero involved in political goings on, not happy about the ways things are currently being done. He is arrested on false charges and brutally flogged by Chief Ultek, who is a nasty piece of work. Local girl Etana met Lord Sebi once and left a big impression on her. She doesn’t believe the charges and comes up with a loop hole in the law that will hopefully save him. But there is something special about Etana, she has a power inside her, something she feels but is not sure what it is and what its for.

I’m looking forward to book 2 to see how this series will play out.




About Alix Nichols:

Alix Nichols is an unapologetic caffeine addict and a longtime fan of Mr. Darcy, especially in his Colin Firth incarnation.

She is a USA Today bestselling (April and June 2017) and Kindle Scout winning (December 2015) author of sexy romance novels that readers describe as yummylicious. According to Romantic Times, her books “will keep you hanging off the edge of your seat”. Kirkus Reviews claims they “deliver pure pleasure”.

At the age of six, Alix released her first romance. It featured highly creative spelling on a dozen pages stitched together and bound in velvet paper.

Decades later, she still writes. Her spelling has improved (somewhat), and her books have topped the Amazon charts around the world. She lives in France with her family and their almost-human dog.

Connect with Alix:

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