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He’d chosen her, and unless she refuses him,
she will be his for a long time to come.
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With her career prospects on Earth in jeopardy due to a corrupt mayor’s plan to blackmail her, college student Paige Lester decides to accept Senator Jamen Hosta’s offer of a job as his assistant, even after the powerful, handsome Vendian makes it clear he will require not only that she submit to his strict correction, but that she surrender her beautiful body to him as well.

Though she is shocked by his demands, Paige is deeply aroused by Jamen’s bold dominance, and soon she is writhing in ecstasy as he takes her longer and harder than any man from Earth ever could. Upon reaching his planet, a sound spanking for disobedience during a humiliating medical exam quickly demonstrates that Paige’s new life will be very different from the one she left behind, but will she one day find a place for herself in this foreign world… and in Jamen’s heart?

Publisher’s Note: Chosen by the Senator is a stand-alone novel which is the third entry in the Under Alien Law series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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He resumed kissing her breasts and throat, and she tossed her head back. The dress slipped off her thighs and tumbled into a heap on the floor. The only thing protecting her now was the slip of her pantie gusset.

She was melting. It was as if a hot core had been stoked in her belly and a fire lit. Her pussy clenched and her clitoris throbbed each time he squeezed her ass. He pressed her closer still, right against his stomach and she felt it. The scaffold pole that was his erection bulging in his pants rising up behind his waistband. Somehow, she knew that cock was going to fit snug inside her pussy. He might have to coax his way in, breaching her channel and stretching it wide open, but damn it, she was going to let him.

She cried out, breathless, as he raked his fingers across her back. She was helpless and vulnerable, nearly naked and in his crushing arms.

“Take me,” she implored. “Please.”

His mouth hovered by hers. “I shall,” he said with a wicked sternness.

Buy Link ->-> https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07C5W8FBV/

My ARC Review:

This is the 3rd book in this Under Alien Law series, which I have read as a standalone, this being my first book by Jaye Peaches. I was intrigued by the blurb and love a bit of sci fi / aliens / erotica all rolled into one, so thought I would give this a try.

This is really well written with lots of thought having gone into the world and character building so as to understand the aliens and their planet and social system. I really enjoyed the way the two main characters ended up going full circle starting on Earth, going off planet and ending on Earth, with a whole new perspective of what was going on in the political side of things. Lots of intriguing characters, technologies and experiences offered in here!!

Paige (human) is a college student and ends up meeting Senator Jamen (alien) in an unusual, circumstance – being spanked in a club!! They end up meeting a few more times and he offers her a job as his assistant (which gets her out of working for the local slime-ball Councillor at the Town Hall where she was going to work) which entails working for him and also submitting to him as and when desired, with correctional behavior spanking in there also!!

Paige has a lot to learn as she is taken to his home-world and has to learn his language and everything about his world and culture, whilst at the same time coming to term with her growing feelings for Jamen and their ‘out of this world’ sexual attraction and chemistry.

What surprised me about this book is that it is just that, a full length book, not a novella, as most of these tend to be. There has been a lot of thought gone into this and the world building for a full length novel to work and still be interesting – so well done Jaye, I thoroughly enjoyed this and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to you, as long as you’re into this type of thing!!



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