Roxie Noir ~ The Savage Wild ~ Cover & Excerpt Reveal / Teasers / Giveaway

Release Date: May 16, 2018

Cover Designer: Coverlũv

Cover Model: Stuart Reardon

Cover Photo by: Fran Yanez




Wilder Flint was the worst mistake of my life.

I should have known better than to fall for his cruel charms and cut-glass eyes, but I was good at calculus and bad at understanding people.

He shredded my heart to pieces.

I spent ten years forgetting Wilder Flint, and it took every minute.

Of course he shows up again. He’s got the same blue eyes, the same cocky grin, and a brand-new swagger that makes me weak in the knees.

I’ve got a summer research project in the Arctic and three canceled flights. Wilder’s got a plane.

But when we crash deep in the middle of nowhere, all we’ve got is each other.

I hate Wilder. I hate him in the depths of my soul, with a fire and fury I’ve never felt about anything else.

But that doesn’t mean I can resist him.

After all, love and hate aren’t so different.







“Wilder!” Amy calls.

Shit. I was hoping she hadn’t seen me, even though I knew she probably did. If I’d known she was gonna be at that desk I’d have gone into the airport through another door so I could avoid her.

The whole point of hooking up with a flight attendant is that they’re hot and never in town. I could have sworn that she told me she was gonna be in Vancouver or something this week, so I thought I was safe.

Guess I should have listened better. Or at all.

I turn, and I’m greeted by four over-white smiles, every flight attendant currently behind the WestJet desk staring at me. Amy waves, looking like a little kid.

“C’mere!” she calls.

I don’t really want to, but I head over. I’ve got shit to do, flight logs to turn in, maintenance to oversee, not to mention I’m supposed to be scouting a location for another hotel with my dad this afternoon, and if I’m not prepared for that I won’t hear the end of it.

I wave back, and she laughs, a bubbly laugh that’s perfectly suited to her.

“The flight to Vancouver got canceled and I’m trying to find this poor thing a way to get to Yellowknife as soon as I can,” she says. “I’ve never even heard of Yellowknife before, but it’s way up there!”

She gestures at the poor thing across the desk from her, and I give the girl a half-second glance. Brown hair up in a messy bun, boots, leggings, ten layers of giant coats and sweaters and a whole mess of luggage next to her.

But just as I look away, she moves, and it catches my eye. Shoves her glasses up with one finger, held perfectly straight as she touches the thick black frame and not the lenses.

“Yellowknife, huh,” I say, walking closer to Amy but not letting my eyes leave the girl in front of the desk.

You know how sometimes you see something, or you hear something and for exactly one second it’s like you’re back somewhere else, in the past, and you don’t even know how or why but there you are?

Amy says something but I’m not next to her. I’m not at the airport any more.

I’m at Solaris High School, watching a girl in a long skirt and combat boots sprint as fast as she can away from me, for the woods.

“There are really no flights to this place,” Amy’s saying. “You sure it’s real, hon?”

Finally, the poor thing in front of the desk looks up, and she’s exactly who I didn’t want her to be.



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I love writing sexy, alpha men and the headstrong women they fall for.

My weaknesses include: beards, whiskey, nice abs with treasure trails, sarcasm, cats, prowess in the kitchen, prowess in the bedroom, forearm tattoos, and gummi bears.

I live in California with my very own sexy, bearded, whiskey-loving husband and two hell-raising cats.


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