Kallista Dane ~ Her Savage Mate ~ Release Tour / Excerpt / Teaser / ARC Review

Her Savage Mate from Kallista Dane.

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I turned back to the tree. On closer inspection, the couple going at it in the branches was obviously the same species as the alien in front of me, except the female was wearing a tail too. The male had the end of it wrapped around his hand, tugging on it as he fucked her. Only hers wasn’t held on by a belt. It seemed to be coming directly out of… I gasped. These aliens were pervs. There was no way that tail could stay on unless it was attached to a butt plug in her ass.

I’m no prude but I could feel myself blushing. I shot a glance and my companion and caught the ghost of a smile playing at the corners of his of his mouth as he looked down at me.

I could tell I was still suffering from the intoxicating effects of the fruit because in my mind the forbidding look in his eyes morphed into one of dark domination. I wondered how it would feel to have his big cock pumping in and out of me while he held me in place by my tail. Then I pictured him bending me over a tree branch to slide the plug into place first. Those big hands holding me down, spreading me apart. Sliding it in my ass inch by inch, giving little tugs on the tail every now and then… My pussy clenched, then flooded. These aliens were into some kinky foreplay.

Buy Link ->-> https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CXW3LFK/ or FREE on KU

Crash landed on an alien world. Lost in a jungle. Captured by a savage. Now I have a choice. Mate with their prince – or die.

It’s been a rough day.

Except I don’t have a choice. Not really. The High Priest threatens to put my entire crew to death unless I agree. So I make him a deal. I’ll mate with the future king and give him an heir – in exchange for their freedom.

Turns out my new mate is a mouth-watering, seven foot tall bronze hunk. He’s so hot he could be the star of one of the tacky romance novels I’m secretly addicted to.

Unfortunately this planet requires females to obey their mates or be disciplined. I’m not the submissive type, so I get punished by my new mate. A lot. But I’m determined this alien alpha will never break me. Night after night I defy him.

As time goes on, his stern discipline and passionate lovemaking are awakening dark desires in me. Wicked desires I’ve never felt before.

I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.

A note from the author: Her Savage Mate is based on the characters in my story in the USA TODAY bestselling box set Alien Alphas. I’ve added lots of steamy hot new scenes to make it a full-length standalone novel.

Buy Link ->-> https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CXW3LFK/ or FREE on KU



My ARC Review:

This story was originally part of the Alien Alpha’s Anthology set, but more has been added and updated to make it a full novel.

A new and alien version of Tarzan and Jane, with lots of steam and spanking thrown in!!

Jane and her 7 female crew members crash land on a planet. While she is walking around looking for food she takes some fruit from what look to be monkeys, but these turn out to be sacred and she is found with them by a tall, handsome, bronze God of an alien and taken to the High Priest for punishment. He decides after looking at her that if she mates with their Prince and produces an heir he will let her ship mates leave. The Prince, Jalen, turns out to be the bronze God Alien who turned her in!! Neither like the position they are in, both are stubborn and push each others buttons to see how far they can get. Woman on this plant are subservient to their males, Jane is anything but, she is feisty and sassy and won’t do as she’s told, yet finds herself yielding to Jalen and his dominant nature and his correctional behavior spanking, but can they get along enough to mate properly!!

This was a fun and entertaining read, lots of steam, spankings and sexiness!! Well worth the read.

USA Today Bestselling author Kallista Dane’s steamy romances have hit #1 in Amazon’s Sci-Fi and Western Erotica as well as making the bestselling lists in Sci-Fi Romance, Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, and BDSM.

She combines eroticism with adventure and intrigue, weaving tale of strong, independent women tangling with the hot Alpha and Omega males who appear in their lives when they expect it least but need them the most.

Kallista loves gardening, chocolate, traveling, chocolate, scuba diving… and did we mention chocolate? She likes to say she’s a little like Goldilocks – she’s lived in northern Michigan, where it is way too cold and the Florida Keys, but that was way too hot. Now she makes her home in North Carolina where it’s (usually) just right!

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