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I Found You

by Erica Marselas
Publication Date: June 29, 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

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Violet Spencer and Cooper Reid were high school sweethearts, separated by the people who they were supposed to trust the most.

Four years later, Violet has recently finished college and Cooper is now a huge pop star. While both are letting loose in Las Vegas they find each other in a crowded bar. With their connection still burning red hot, they decide to make their union official and forever.

But the thing standing in their way aren’t the tabloids, it’s their meddling mothers willing to do almost anything to break them apart again.

Will their history and their love, along with their one special treasured bond be enough to win this time?


I get to the velvet ropes of the VIP lounge when one of the guys in a black suit stops me.


“Ma’am I can’t let you over here,” he tells me firmly and stands a tad taller.


“I just wanted to say hi—”


“I’m sure you did. That’s what they all say. Now please.” He points me to the other side of the bar, gesturing for me to get lost.


I shake my head at how quickly I’ve forgotten he’s a big, famous singer now; untouchable, surrounded by bodyguards and groupies. I sigh. It’s all he’s ever wanted to be. His dream came true while I faded away.


I need answers though. I need to know why he let me fade when he continued to shine brightly in my life.


“I know you get all kinds of people trying to talk to him, but we went to high school together.” I start to explain my heartbreaking tale to the uptight guy who I’m sure could use a drink—or eight. The man crosses his arms and looks away from me.


“I can’t blame you for not believing me, but could you just tell him Violet Spencer wants to say hi. I beg you. And if he tells me to get lost, I promise I won’t bother you anymore.”


He was my one true love.


“Violet Spencer,” he murmurs in awe. I don’t quite understand his reaction as he moves in to look at me more closely. Like really close, where I can taste the mint on his breath. He nods his head, and without saying another word he walks over to the bar, grabbing Cooper’s attention before whispering in his ear.


His head snaps in my direction, and our eyes lock as realization dawns all over his handsome features. He knocks over the barstool when he jumps to his feet, and strides over to me like a man on a mission. Before I can even process that after all this time he’s standing in front of me, his lips smash into mine.


Holy crap.


My mouth parts to let his tongue in and explore. My heart soars and my body heats up, tingles shooting through my skin. He moans, pressing himself into me, encouraging me to kiss him harder, and I tangle my hand in his hair.


He tastes and feels just like I remember. All the love we had before lingers in this heated, passionate kiss—it’s as if no time has passed at all.


Maybe the last four years had been a bad dream and when we break apart we’ll still be on that picnic bench where we last saw each other.


He pulls away, resting his forehead on mine, and his dark blue eyes bore into my own, recapturing my soul again. “My Violet,” he whispers against my lips.


“Cooper,” I pant. He still takes my breath away after all these years.


About Erica Marselas

I’m a wife and a mother always… but a writer in my free time…whatever that is with four kids hanging around.

I’ve always had a vivid imagination and a passion for writing. All I ever wanted to ever do was share my words with the world. As long as I have idea for it.. I will write it.

When I need to clear my head from all the voices, I enjoy the outdoors with my family- beach, hiking, biking, and so on.

If I had one wish in the world it would to be freeze time around me, so I had more time to finish one thing before the kids stumble their way to me asking for juice. ?

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