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Today we are celebrating the release of the first title in Claudia Burgoa’s Chaotic Love duet! BEGIN WITH YOU is now live (99 cents till Monday!) and the second book in the set, BACK TO YOU, releases August 9th.

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Begin with You by Claudia Burgoa

Chaotic Love, #1 – Available Now

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From the outside, Abby’s life looks like a fairytale.

Loving family, wealthy lifestyle, education at a prestigious university. The truth? She’s barely managing to survive. Few know the nightmare she lived before she was adopted. And no one knows the secret agony that still haunts her nightmares.

With a degree from Berkeley, she could have gone anywhere, but she’s back in Colorado. Not for a fresh start—fresh starts are only an illusion—but for Wes Ahern. Her protector, who throws around words like “therapy” and “talk to me.” Her brother in every way but blood. The one man she wishes could be so much more.

Maybe, just this once, she can stop running from her demons.

But does she dare let Wes see inside the darkest closets of her pain…or will love be the biggest mistake of her life?

An inspirational and emotional contemporary romance Begin with You is a heartbreaking tale of fresh starts and old wounds. This jarring and dark novel will leave readers at the edge of their seats. This is part one of a duet, thus containing a cliffhanger that leads into the next installment. It contains references to childhood trauma, kidnapping, and PTSD.



I take a deep breath before knocking on Abby’s door. Mom’s words continue to ring in my head.

Make her fall in love with you.

“Hey,” she opens the door slightly, staring at the rose I’m holding.

“Are you on your way out?” She switches her gaze from the flower to my face several times. “I thought you texted me inviting me to dinner.”

“Dinner is ready,” I announce, grabbing her hand and kissing it.

“What’s going on, Wes?” She eyes me suspiciously.

I hand her the rose and pull out the blindfold I have in my pocket. “Do you trust me?”

She nods and closes her eyes.

“Hold onto my hand and walk with me,” I whisper in her ear, kissing the back of it.

She shudders and sighs. I’ve got no idea how to gauge her reaction. I should’ve started with something simpler—a simple date, like a movie and some pizza. We walk toward my place, and I direct her as we go up the stairs and out onto the terrace.

“This is exciting. It reminds me of the last time you took me bungee jumping,” she says with a laugh. “I feel like we’re back in China and Sterling is begging for his mommy.”

“He’s such a baby,” I say as I take off the blindfold, kissing her bare shoulder.

“This is so much better than Macau.” Abby smiles at the table but then frowns and looks at me. “But as lovely as it is, I’d prefer to eat in the kitchen.”


“Maybe you don’t see it, Wes, but this—” she points at the table. “—is a romantic gesture. A dinner for someone you’re dating. Not for—”

“Not for a woman who I’m hoping will give me a chance to show her that I like her more than as a friend?”

Her eyes open wide, her lips part, and I’m almost sure she’s holding her breath.

“Look, maybe this is too straight forward, but constantly keeping in how I truly feel about you is hard. Too hard. Every night I go to bed wishing that I was with you.” I bare my soul.

“You do?” she whispers, her brown eyes shining.

I caress her cheek, and she closes her eyes, breathing deeply. She opens her eyes and stares at me for a few beats. Then she moves her mouth, but only a soft whimper comes out.

“What are you thinking?” I press my thumb over her creased forehead.

She’s unsure about something. My words? My feelings? What can I say or do to convince her that I’m serious—that I want more with her.

Only her.

“I mean every word that I just said, Abby.” I cup her face with my hands lowering my head.

“Wes,” she says with a sigh, her arms encircling my waist.

“Shh,” I murmur, covering her mouth with mine.

A spike of electrified excitement rushes through my body the moment her mouth opens for me. I stroke her tongue, discovering her mouth, tasting her for the first time. I drink from her, sucking the shaky moans coming from her throat. She shivers as I press her closer to my body.

“God, you taste like an angel,” I mumble against her sweet mouth.

I nip at her lip, sliding my hands down her back.

“Is this real?” She finally finds her voice.

“Why wouldn’t it be?”

“It seems too easy, Ahern. I come back, and you sweep me off my feet proclaiming that you want more.”

“Well, it was time to own up to my feelings,” I confess giving her a quick peck. “Ready to eat, my lady?”

I release her and pull out one of the chairs for her. As she sits down, I catch her hesitation. Did I imagine the intensity of our kiss?

“What’s going on?”

“I don’t know … it’s this feeling of dread thumping along with my heart.” She shrugs. “I guess I’ve never dated before. There’s this uneasiness inside my stomach, like something is whispering: ‘enjoy this because it might be the last time you smile.’ ”



My ARC Review:

This is the first book in a duet – it is a dark, emotional, at times disturbing read that really had me turning those pages. Its compelling and intriguing, beautiful in its own rights but certainly not an easy read at times. Be warned this does end on a cliffhanger, I am eagerly awaiting the next book to see how this plays out!!

Abbey arrives at the Aherns as their latest foster child, traumatized and abused, unable to talk, in a bad way. Wes is the eldest son and was the first to be fostered, he becomes the only person she can communicate with, as he becomes he protector and her best friend, spending night after night sleeping on her bedroom floor holding her hand and counting with her until she falls asleep. As she grows up she flees the household home and town where her nightmares are routed, still sharing her daily routines with Wes over the phone until he asks her to return to take her place in the family business.

But his feelings for Abbey have far outgrown that of a sibling, but knowing how traumatised she was tries to keep his feeling at bay. As Abbey returns to her hometown so do her nightmares and she starts to yet again fray at the seems and begins to unravel, barely keeping herself together, as a sense of foreboding and being watched starts.

A real gripping and heartbreaking story that will have you on the edge of your seat. There are still lots of puzzles left to uncover and unravel in the final part of the duet.



Back to You by Claudia Burgoa

Chaotic Love, #2 – Coming August 9

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Claudia is an award-winning, international bestselling author. She lives in Colorado working for a small IT company, managing her household filled with three confused dogs, two daughters wrought with fandoms and a son who thinks he’s the boss of the house. And a wonderful husband who shares her love for all things geek. To survive she works continually to find purpose for the voices flitting through her head, plus she consumes high quantities of chocolate to keep the last threads of sanity intact.



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