Julie Adams ~ Fighting Gravity ~ Blog Tour / Excerpt / Teaser / Giveaway

Today we have the blog tour for FIGHTING GRAVITY, a brand new contemporary romance from debut author, Julie Adams! Read it for #FREE in Kindle Unlimited now!

Author: Julie Adams
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release: August 7


A man dubbed The Playboy of Paris is the last thing I need.

I came to Paris needing an ocean and a language between me and my past.
I need to learn to live again without fear.

Then Tragedy strikes again. I guess some people are just magnets for bad luck.
The only silver lining is the gorgeous man who literally broke down a door to save me.

Can I trust him? Can I trust myself?

Paris is as much me as I am it. We bleed into each other’s veins.
Running one of the biggest indie record labels is stressful,
and I forget myself with good music and fast women.
I never meant to save her. And I damn sure didn’t mean to fall in love with her.
Not with the secret I’m keeping.

Lies, lust, and love happen unexpectedly in The City of Light.

Full-length and standalone, with steamy scenes and a HEA


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“Tell me something no one else knows about you,” He leans forward in his seat and with his height, he’s halfway across the table.


I stare at him, unsure if he’s being serious. This conversation has taken a turn. He wants to know more and it’s scary because I want to tell him more.


I think of the most innocent thing I can say, something that no one else knows but is still safe. “I write poetry. I don’t know if it’s any good, it just feels good to write. That’s something no one else knows.”


He smiles, it’s soft and the feeling it gives me is like being slipped into warm silk. “I bet it’s good,” He says quietly.


Has the air in the room changed? Become warmer?


“What makes you say that?” I ask.


“You have a way with words, you’re quick with them. A good person to banter with.”


“Basically, you’re saying I’m a smartass?”


He grins. “I like it. You keep me agile mentally. You’re challenging.”


Now it’s my turn to laugh and try to control the blush I feel beneath my skin.


I want to think of something clever to say, some way to compliment him back without being overly flirty. But for my supposed ”quick wit”, I can think of nothing.


“Tell me something no one knows about you,” I say to fill the silence, it sounds flirty and I feel foolish for the way it comes out like I was trying to channel Jessica Rabbit.


“There’s a lot people don’t know about me,” His gaze is intense, his eyes going dark. I expect him to laugh, who can say that sentence with that look and be serious?


Obviously, he can. He doesn’t laugh, his eyes sweep over me quickly. A chill goes through me. If he can do that with a look, what can he do with a touch?


“But, I’ll tell you anything you want to know, just ask.” He says and I can practically feel his voice vibrating through the air and caressing me in all the right places.


I can’t find my breath to answer. Damn it. I cringe at myself, I’m not nearly young or naive enough to be this way.


“I can’t think of anything, but I will and I’m holding you to an answer.”


“You have my word. Now,” he leans forward his elbows on the table. “When do I get to see your poetry?”


I sit my drink down quickly shaking my head. “No, I write to clear my head, I’m not showing anyone my words. Ever.”


“I want to see, I work in music but I also really enjoy it. And lyrics are just poetry. I want to see.”


“No. That’s a firm no.” He sticks out his bottom lip his eyes playful. “No.” I laugh.


“We’ll see.” His eyebrows quirk as he challenges me.


“Mmm,” I reply sitting back and crossing my arms. He’ll see just how stubborn I can be.




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About Julie Adams

Julie is an author of contemporary romance novels and lives in the Midwest with her family. You can usually find her with coffee and some kind of electronic device that she can read e-books on while chasing her toddler. She stays up too late writing, watching television, browsing social media, and planning her travel bucket list

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon



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