Amiee Louise ~ Temptations ~ Release Blitz / Excerpt

Release Blitz



Tattoos & Tears #1

by Amiee Louise



I’ve lived my life exactly like you imagine a rockstar would.
The booze, the drugs, and so, so many women.
I had it all and did it all.
Until I walked into a tattoo shop and met her.

Peyton didn’t see me as Bolt, my stage persona.
She saw me for me.
There was something between us.
Something invisible, electric and undeniable.
It pushed us together and pulled us apart… again and again.
Despite it all, I knew Peyton had to be mine.
Until she was brutally taken from me.
And my seemingly perfect world came crashing down.






The shop door swings open, and there he is.  This Adonis of a man, a tall, muscled, tattooed God.  Seb pushes my chin up and whispers, “Pick your jaw up off the floor babe you’re starting to drool!”

He looks in my direction, smirks, and winks.  I can feel a flush creep up my neck, and my face feels like it is on fire.  I’m not sure if I’m hot, embarrassed, or just burning for him.  He and five other men walk casually into the shop one by one.  There is definitely way too much testosterone in the room at this precise moment.  Subsequently, the tattooed God’s eyes lock onto mine and he takes off his aviator sunglasses, and I can’t look away.  He is what a Ken doll would look like if there were a rocker version.  Chiselled, masculine, and so handsome it’s devastating.

He has black hair styled into soft spikes, which I am itching to run my hands through, and a beautiful dazzling smile.  Which, I don’t doubt he uses to get his legion of female fans to drop their knicker for him.  He has his stage name Bolt tattooed on his knuckles and black and grey skulls on the back of each hand.  He has a small tunnel in his right ear, his lip and eyebrow pierced – a definite turn on for me in a man.  He smiles the cutest crooked smile that brings out the infamous dimples that Ruby is always talking about.  He is toned, lightly tanned, and has the most mesmerizing green eyes which remind me of sparkling emeralds.

“Hey, beautiful”

His voice is husky, and the way he utters those words sounds like honey and drips pure unadulterated primal sex.





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About the Author:

Amiee Louise lives in the West Midlands (UK) and writes dark erotic romance, much to the delight of her fiancé of 12 years! When she isn’t reading or writing, she works part-time in administration and loves to listen to music, watch films, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones. Amiee is a lover of tattoos, pretty stationery, cake and has a flair for dirty rocker boys!

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