Addison Cain ~ Catacombs ~ Release Blitz / ARC Review



by Addison Cain

Release Date: 22 October 2018
Genre: Dark Erotic Horror







Every night he destroys her innocence. Each morning she awakes anew, memory clean —pure enough to be tainted, twisted, and adored for the devil’s sick pleasures.



My ARC Review:

What a fantastic shocker of a read from Addison, this little novella is a monstrosity of the finest degree – there’s nothing of romance in here, its well and truly a horror read!!

Pearl is a little different from the rest of us, and she knows it, she tries to keep low profile and blend in, but certain people will always try and take advantage, and that’s when the blood starts to flow as she defends herself from a potential rapist.

She is found and mutilated by what she thought were angels, but were just the opposite, as they dragged her to their Master for judgement and punishment. The Master becomes obsessed with her and takes her for his own amusement and delight. She ends up reliving the same night, again and again as he wipes her memories and she has to relive the night again, its her living hell.

The Catacombs are not a place you would ever like to visit!!! But what a story, oh my word was I engrossed in this!! Deliciously dark, brutal, sinister, vile, hideous – a shocker of a read and just up my street, I absolutely loved it, I only wish it was a bit longer as I would’ve loved more of it, the sick person that I am!! Read if you dare, its well worth it!!!



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Author Bio:

USA Today Bestselling author, Addison L. Cain, was born in sunny California, but found herself drawn to dwell in older, history-rich places. Japan, Ireland, Qatar, and now Washington DC, Addison is always on the move, always eager to immerse herself in new cultures and people. Her stories reflect the antiquities she loves: deep and sometimes very dark. Driven to push her characters beyond the pale, Addison’s books are not for the faint of heart.


Author Links:

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