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Today we have the blog tour for A.K. Evans upcoming romance, Desperate. Check it out and get your copy today!

Title: Desperate

Author: A.K. Evans

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Desperate:

Ekko Rose is no stranger to struggle. Even though she’s experienced more than her fair share of hardship, she has dreams she wants to fulfill. But when another stroke of bad luck leaves her homeless, Ekko’s only option is to focus on survival.

Dominick ‘Dom’ Moore has had his eyes on Ekko ever since he saved her life several months ago. He kept his distance then because she was attached to another man. Now, seeing her living out of her car, Dom resolves to help her get back on her feet.

When Dom approaches Ekko, she wrestles with knowing her rightful place in the world and desperately wanting to latch onto something better.

Just as the pair fall hard for one another, Ekko’s streak of misfortune delivers one more blow. With their relationship thrown into a pit of despair and hopeless desire, Dom must crack the case he’s been trying to solve for weeks.

Because if he can’t, Ekko might be lost to him forever.



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When I arrived back at Dom’s house, I rang the doorbell.  He was at the door seconds later, letting me in.

“Hey, fun size.  How was work?” he asked as I stepped inside.

I raised my eyebrows and repeated, “Fun size?”

He shrugged his shoulders and explained, “You’re so little.  And you’re cute.”

I had no reply to that, so I answered his question.  “Work was good.  Busy, but good.”

“I take it that busy means that you didn’t eat dinner?”

I shook my head and felt, for the third time, Dom’s hand at the small of my back guiding me toward the kitchen.

“I figured.  That’s why I made food for us.  I hope you like Asian dishes because I made sesame noodles with chicken and broccoli.”

He waited until I was seated at the island before he set the food in front of me.

Perhaps I should have prepared myself for it, but I didn’t, and I was caught off guard.  He made food for me.  For weeks now I had been worried about when I was going to have my next meal, but today I’d had breakfast, lunch, and dinner because of the man in front of me.  Dom set a second plate down and sat next to me.

I was still staring at the feast before me when Dom’s hand squeezed my leg, just above my knee.  “Ekko?”

My head turned toward him.

“Are you okay?”

I couldn’t fight it.  I was so overwhelmed by his kindness and generosity toward me that I completely broke down into tears and buried my face in my hands.

Suddenly, I felt Dom’s arms around me hugging me into his chest, where I only cried harder.

“Ekko, sugar, talk to me.”

The concern in his voice and the hold he had on me only made me cry harder.  Several minutes passed, with Dom comforting me before I pulled my face back from his chest and said, “You made me dinner.”

“Yes, I made dinner for the both of us.  Why is that upsetting you?”

“Nearly every day for almost eight years, I had one good person in my life who made dinner for me.  That stopped about six months after my fifteenth birthday.  Ever since, nobody has ever made me dinner.  Most of my days for the last thirteen years have been filled with me worrying if I was even going to be able to eat, especially over the last year.”

Dom’s face went soft as he lifted a hand to the side of my head and brushed my hair back.

“It was never my intention to upset you, Ekko.”

“I know.”

“But I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say that I already knew you had it rough.  I see the way you eat.  You savor every single bite like you might not have the opportunity to taste food again.  I knew for certain this morning when you told me you were hungry but wanted to save part of your breakfast for later.”

Feeling embarrassed, I dropped my head.

Dom put a finger under my chin and lifted my head.   “You don’t have to do that here, sugar.  If you’re hungry, you eat.  There’s always food here and you are welcome to help yourself to any of it.”

I didn’t know what I’d done to deserve having someone like Dom in my life.

“Why don’t we eat while you tell me all about that one good person who was in your life?”

I gave him a nod and that’s what we did.  We ate Dom’s sesame noodles with chicken and broccoli, which were amazing, and I told him all about Ms. Grace.  That night, tucked in the warmth of his bed, I had a lot of thoughts running through my mind.  But the one that stuck out was how I couldn’t help but wish that Dom might just be that man that Ms. Grace told me would find me one day.




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About the Author:

A.K. Evans is a married mother of two boys residing in a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania. After graduating from Lafayette College in 2004 with two degrees (one in English and one in Economics & Business), she pursued a career in the insurance and financial services industry. Not long after, Evans realized the career was not for her. She went on to manage her husband’s performance automotive business and drive the shop race cars for the next thirteen years. While the business afforded her freedoms she wouldn’t necessarily have had in a typical 9-5 job, after eleven years she was no longer receiving personal fulfillment from her chosen career path. Following many discussions, lots of thought, and tons of encouragement, Andrea decided to pursue her dream of becoming a writer.

Between her day job, writing, and homeschooling her two boys, Evans is left with very little free time. When she finds scraps of spare time, she enjoys reading, doing yoga, watching NY Rangers hockey, dancing, and vacationing with her family. Andrea, her husband, and her children are currently working on taking road trips to visit all 50 states (though, Alaska and Hawaii might require flights).


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