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Release Blitz


(The Devil’s Highwaymen Nomads #2)

by Cee Cee Riley

Available Now!







Wild Love always happens when you least expect it.



I’d never expected to fall in love in my lifetime. I’d made plans and falling in love sure as shit wasn’t one of them, but where Nancy California was concerned my mind and heart were at war.

She was wild and beautiful, and all I could think about was having one taste of her…I should have known that one taste would never be enough.

Nancy was unlike any woman I’d ever met; untamed, gutsy, and ready to fight me every step of the way. She didn’t want me, or the complication one night with me would give her… good thing I was prepared to go to war to get her in my bed and out of my head.



Miles City, a place full of bad memories that I swore I’d never return to, yet there I was back in the little town I once called home. Those memories soon became the least of my problems when Sketch roared into my life clad in black leather and riding a motorcycle, all six foot of attitude and raw savageness.

Sketch was dark and dangerous, a thunderstorm too alluring to resist getting drenched in. All I could think about was him, claiming my body for his own. But he was everything that was wrong for me, and if I wasn’t careful, the chaos we created together would leave me broken-hearted.


We had no future.

We were two very different people, on two very different paths.

Yet I couldn’t help the whispering of my heart telling me that if we got this right, together we could be the perfect storm. Together, we would find wild love.





Exclusive Excerpt:

I tightened my grip and pulled her towards me, and this time she didn’t fight. Her body was tight against mine, and by the way she sucked in a sharp breath she had just felt the raging hard-on I clearly had for her. I let a slow smile creep up my face.

“Get on my bike, Nance’,” I said again. “Let me take you home.”

She swallowed, her body tense against mine. “Straight home?” she asked, and I nodded, giving her a small salute.

“Scouts honour.”

She cracked a small smile. “I bet you weren’t even in the scouts.”

I pulled her gently towards my bike and I sat down, handing her my helmet. “Get on.”

She looked to the seat I was offering and then to my hand offering her the helmet, her gaze slowly travelling up my body towards my face. Felt like she was undressing me with that one look and I almost groaned as my cock hardened even more.

Finally, she took the helmet and pulled it on before climbing on behind me. “What do I do?” she asked, and my chest flared in triumph that I was going to give her her first ride.

“Wrap your arms around me and hold on tight, babe,” I replied.

“Like this?” she asked, holding on to me.

Her grip wasn’t nearly as tight as I wanted it to be, so I reached down and pulled her arms tighter around me, feeling her body press against my back. “More like this,” I rumbled out, starting the bike. “No abrupt movements, lean with me and hold on.”

“Okay, don’t let me fall,” she said.

I looked back at her, her beautiful eyes staring up at me from behind my helmet. “I’ve got you, babe,” I replied thickly, my voice coming out rough and full of need.

Because I did have her, and I wasn’t letting her go now.

I started the bike and we pulled slowly away from the sidewalk. I followed the dark lines of the road, waiting for the moment that she’d ask me why I hadn’t taken her home yet, but it never came. In fact, the longer we rode, the more she settled into it until I could feel her head resting against my back and her breasts rising and falling as she breathed.

Considering she’d never ridden on the back of a bike before, she was a natural. Her body gripping mine and leaning with me into the corners. All it was doing was proving to me everything I didn’t want to admit, but now had no choice but to.

Nancy was most definitely worth the trouble.

And I wanted more than just one night with her.

She gripped me tightly, but her fingers traced the muscles of my stomach. I don’t even think she knew she was doing it until I pulled the bike to the side of the dark stretch of highway and slowed to a stop. The engine rumbled beneath us, vibrating through both of our bodies and I turned my head to the side to look at her.

I couldn’t really see her with the helmet on, but she hadn’t stopped her movements, in fact as we sat there, her hand slid down my stomach and on to my thighs and now I did groan.

“Fuck, Nance’” I groaned as she cupped my hard cock in my jeans, squeezing. Her chest was rising and falling faster and faster and I felt almost dizzy with the need to see her. To feel her. To fucking taste her. I shut off the engine, the sudden silence piercing the night air and I grabbed her hands. “Babe?”

“Yeah, Sketch?”

“Need to kiss you now,” I said, laying it out like it was. Because as much as I needed to fuck her, the need to kiss her was so much stronger.



© Copyright Claire C. Riley 2018




Did you know that these books are a spin-off to my Ride or Die Series? If you love the Nomads then you’ll love Shooter, Dom and Casafuckin’nova too!




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