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Meghan Sullivan doesn’t have time for distractions, especially one like handsome veteran Jason Richards. She needs to concentrate on saving Foley’s Public House, and that means focusing all her energy on preparing for a huge local event that could make or break the struggling pub.

Jason Richards has a long history with Meghan. The two had been friends with benefits until Meghan put an end to things when her father got ill. Now Jason spends his time with his brothers, both blood and military, but wonders what would have happened if he’d gotten his act together earlier.

When outside forces conspire against Meghan, she reluctantly turns to Jason for help. The two vow to keep things professional, but serious chemistry and years of bottled up emotions make it impossible for them to keep their distance. When the actions against Meghan turn personal, Jason will do everything in his power to keep her safe.

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“This is the last time we’re doing this, Richards. The absolute last time.” Meghan Sullivan perched on the worktable, listening for some sign of business from the front of Foley’s Public House but watching the man in front of her peel off his shirt and begin unbuckling his belt.


“Sure thing, Sullivan.” Jason Richards’s voice rumbled in her ear, his breath hot on her neck as he leaned into to her space. “The absolute last time, at least until the next time.”


“You’re a jackass,” Meghan murmured even as she slipped her arms around his now-shirtless broad shoulders and offered up her neck for him to nibble. Her hands traced the hard muscles of his back down to the curve of his ass. God, he had a spectacular ass. She gave it a squeeze and he grinned.


“You like my ass-iness.” Jason gently thumbed the nipple of one of Meghan’s breasts. “And I definitely like your assets, Sullivan. All of them.” He kissed and nipped his way down the length of her throat. “Oh yeah, all the assets.”


Meghan let herself go limp in his arms even as she wondered how in the world they kept ending up in the Foley’s storeroom with Jason practically naked in front of her. Not that she was complaining, not at all, especially when he did that thing with his tongue that he was doing right now.




But it was the middle of the afternoon, and the pub was open for business, so this little interlude probably needed to get a move on. Meghan quickly stripped off her T-shirt and skimmed off her panties, leaving her sitting commando in her miniskirt and bra.


“Come and get me, Richards,” she crooned, crooking a finger at him, and in less than five seconds, her back was on the table and his mouth was on the heat between her thighs.



About Josie Kerr

Josie Kerr is a transplanted West Texan now living on the edge of both metro Atlanta and North Georgia Mountains.

She has an M.Ed. in Secondary English Education, but discovered that she hated high school more the second time than she did the first, so she decided to meld her love of technology with her education background and became an Instructional Designer. When not writing articles about how to fire someone without getting sued or why you should really not apply for jobs using your email address, she writes steamy romance novels that feature grown-up Heroes and Heroines.

You can find Josie on social media at:

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