Christopher Donaho ~ Thresholds ~ Sales Boost / Book Tour / Teasers

Title: Thresholds
Author: Christopher Donaho
Genre: Dark Erotica
Sales Boost Date: December 10th, 2018 – January 4th, 2019
and Julia are hooking up for a long weekend after a one-night stand
twenty years ago. The two hit it off in a sex drenched weekend of pot
smoking and soul baring at his family’s cabin. They decide to hook up a
few more times.
encounter reveals more character and plot. The absence between their
visits weighs heavy on John, who overcomes his own fears, and finds the
resolve to ask Julia to marry him.
really about two people falling in love, but with their very own
definition of love, however malnourished that may be. They seek refuge
in each other in a cold world and a life they find themselves just
trying to survive.
sex, smoking pot, getting munchies, a hundred questions, and more sex,
we can see two people shedding their defenses and allowing themselves to
be vulnerable.



was born in 1976 off the Texas coastline. Starting carpentry at a
relatively young age, it has always been considered a cherished art and
outlet. However, discovering art, sculpture, painting and ceramics
opened me up to the endless possibilities and avenues artists take for
expression’s sake. With a stint of writing on a high school newspaper
and in a creative writing class in college, i abandoned writing and
embraced other mediums, save a few poems here and there. Some
chronicling my years of substance abuse in my early twenties but nothing
serious until September of 2017. After sobering up I became a
workaholic and slowly watched my soul dry up. I think it took more of a
beating with that than it ever did with narcotics.

Thresholds is the first of many writing projects. I have another
project, Deconstructed that I’m super duper excited about. I’m also
sharing samplings from Desecrating Eden, another erotica. Getting quite a
bit of positive feedback. It caters more to the kink, bondage lifestyle
about a couple starting out. Discovering limits. Then pushing them.

with writing and art i love hanging out with my daughter Captain
Shenanigans. She’s a merry prankster. I like fishing and hiking. And
cooking. Taking showers. And eating tacos. Snuggles. Some other stuff.
Things. I like things.




















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