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Author: Shannyn Schroeder

Genre: Contemporary Romance



More than business…


Determined to show her father she’s capable of running the family business, Elizabeth Brannigan sets out to save his struggling Chicago bar. But she’ll need a little help dealing with the rough crowd. When she encounters the handsome co-owner of a thriving Irish pub, she’s more than ready to take on those late night shenanigans.


Colin O’Leary’s father passed away before he could prove to him that he wasn’t a screw-up. Now he wants to show his brother he’s responsible enough to own a bar of his own. And Elizabeth just might be the saving grace he’s always needed. Can they mix a little business and pleasure or will the merger destroy everything?



He followed her trek around the bar. Her movements were hesitant. Seeing Elizabeth unsure of something tilted the room. She never lacked confidence. He softened his smile. “No worries. It’s just beer.”

She returned a smile as she joined him. “Okay. Let’s do this.”

Nerves fluttered in his stomach. He knew his job, but he’d never had to teach it to anyone. He strode to the taps. “On the left, we have imports, on the right, domestic.”

Her eyebrow shot up. “I know how to read.”

“I’m giving you the tour so you know where to find everything. I’ve set it up the way I like it.”

She swung her arm out for him to continue. As he pointed out which glasses were used for which kind of drink and explained the organization of the liquor, his stomach eased. She listened intently, and he imagined that she really wanted to take notes.

He stood to the side of the tap. “Grab a glass.”

She pulled one from the green rubber mat where it had been drying and turned it right side up.

“Pull the handle, on. Flip it up, off.”

The pink returned to her flesh, and once again he found himself wanting to stroke it to see if it was as warm as it looked. She cleared her throat and yanked the tap.

“Whoa.” He grabbed the handle and thrust it back in place. Obviously, she’d never even watched someone pull a beer.

She looked at the beer in her hand, more than half foam. He took the glass and set it down. “No one wants a glass of foam. Let’s try again.”

He handed her a fresh glass and she stood in front of the tap, but made no move to pour.

“It doesn’t bite.” Against his better judgment, he stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her body, doing his best to limit contact. He helped her tilt the glass with one hand and his other rested on top of hers on the handle.

“Easy,” he said as he moved their hands to pull the tap. “You tilt the glass to keep the head small.”

Her back was mere inches from him and her hair tickled his nose. She’d worn it up again, exposing her long neck. Cinnamon scent drifted to him. If he dipped his head just a little, he could taste the soft skin. His mouth watered and he thought her breath quickened.

Suddenly, his hand was wet as she yelped, “Hey.”

He jerked the handle to stop the tap. He’d forgotten about the beer and the glass had overflowed. “Sorry,” he mumbled.

Turning away to grab a towel, he checked his thoughts. Elizabeth was not a piece of ass for a one-night stand. She was his business partner, and she’d made it clear they would never be anything more.

“Here.” He thrust a dry towel into her hand.

“Thanks,” she said, but she didn’t look pissed off. She looked…amused. “Can I pour you one?”


“A beer. I think we should celebrate. We had a great night, it’s time to close, and I learned how to pour a beer.” She paused, a grin lighting her face. “Not very successfully mind you, but I poured.”

“I’ll have a pop. Sorry about the spill. I got distracted.” His gaze wandered down the length of her.

He scooped ice into a glass and turned toward the pop spigot. Once the glass was filled, he faced Elizabeth with his raised glass. “To success.”

She clinked her glass against his and took a gulp of beer. Her nose crinkled and she set the glass down. “I hate beer.”

“Then why drink it?”

“Because I poured it. It was my first, and it seemed like I should.”

“Do you always do what you’re supposed to?”

“Pretty much.” She took another sip of beer.

He grabbed the glass and poured it down the drain. “Life’s too short to do what you hate.”



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About the Author:

Shannyn Schroeder is the author of the O’Leary series and the For Your Love series, contemporary romances centered around large Irish-American families in Chicago and the Hot & Nerdy series about nerdy friends finding love. Look for her new series – The Dating Challenge in 2019. When she’s not wrangling her three kids or writing, she watches a ton of TV and loves to bake cookies.


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