Lucille Moncrief ~ I Am Drusilla ~ Book Review



Lucille Moncrief

I Am Drusilla

Nefarious Series

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Best-selling author Lucille Moncrief takes us back to the beginning of time, where gods and mortals lived together in a perpetual summer. In this riveting prequel to Moncrief’s timeless and dark Nefarious series, we learn the origins of the Great War between the Scion Hive vampires and the Alpine Manticore witches.

High Priestess Drusilla journeys into the terrifying underworld of her vampire brother, The Great King Abaddon to free her lover Egino from the clutches of the vampire horde. Will she succeed in rescuing Egino before the darkness destroys her magic forever?

Beautifully written, I am Drusilla is an enigmatic work reminiscent of Dante’s Inferno and Le Fanu’s masterpieces. Follow the heroine Drusilla in a tale that bridges the magic of literature with an innovative new take on classic vampire mythology.



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Book Review:

Ok, so this was a super short read, really just the background to Drusilla and her love Egino.

On the day Drusilla was to marry Egino, her brother, the vampire King Abaddon transforms into a viper and attacks Egino and spirits him away to his realm. Abaddon is jealous of his High Priestess Sister and her ability to live and walk in the sun, he demands this ability for the return of Egino.

Its a dark and sinister tale, full of love and despair, but also hope and magic. Very well written, but being just 23 pages long it is barely enough to whet your appetite for world!! But it certainly roused my interest enough to want to read more from this author – it sounds like something I could really enjoy, and look forward to reading more about Drusilla.

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