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Stealing Beauty by Julia Sykes
Release Date: January 15th
Genre: Dark Romance


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As the most notorious, sadistic drug lord on the west coast, I thrive on power and control. Valentina loathes me as much as I despise her. That doesn’t stop me from kidnapping her, stealing her away for myself.

Over the years that have separated us, hatred has festered in my heart. The girl I once loved is all woman now, and she thinks she belongs to someone else.

Her defiance tempts and torments me, and I’ll never tire of devising devious punishments to keep her in line. She can’t escape my cruel touch and harsh discipline.

No one will take her from me. I’ll kill anyone who tries.

Valentina was always meant to be mine. Nothing will stop me from possessing her, body and soul.



ARC Review

I enjoyed this, especially after reading the prequel Stolen Innocence, which I recommend you read prior to this, its not essential, but it really does give a good background to the story and the characters, and helps to explain why Adrian and Valentina hate each other so much at the start of this book!

Its a dark and twisted tale, with some quite graphic violent scenes, captor / captive style in its telling. Its fast paced and really holds your attention. Valentina and Adrian hate each other with a passion – she thinks Adrian didn’t come back to save her from his father and right hand man Hugo, who she was given to and forced to marry, subjected to all sorts of abuse and violence in order to break her and turn her into the perfect wife. Adrian thinks Valentina married Hugo willingly and adores him – this is part of the story that bothered me a little, if he would just have bothered to find out the truth, then of course the story wouldn’t have been as good, but still it bothered me!

Years later and their paths cross, and what ensues is their story of love, passion, emotion, obsession, heartbreak and violence, both mental and physical – its twisted, dark and dangerous, with Adrian being extremely dominant and requiring Valentina’s full submission. There are tender moments in the midst of all this darkness, with the sexual chemistry between them off the charts and leaning towards the BDSM side of things.

I enjoyed this and was engrossed in their story, there were a couple stupid decisions made that could have been avoided I think, but overall it was a very enjoyable read and I am looking forward to reading about Mateo and Sofia next.



About Julia Sykes
Julia Sykes is the USA Today bestselling author of the Impossible Series. She has always kept dark stories tucked away in her mind, so she was thrilled when she discovered that other people actually want to read them. Her books blend romance, suspense, and BDSM.

You can usually find Julia in Starbucks with a venti iced coffee clutched in her hand (two pumps of mocha, liberal half and half). If she’s not in Starbucks, you will find her with a glass of prosecco in hand, probably reading Harry Potter. Again.


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