Addison Cain ~ Broken Captive ~ Release Blitz / Teasers / ARC Review



Broken Captive

Wren’s Song #3

by Addison Cain


Available Now!





NEW!!! Broken Captive by Addison Cain is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!!


This book made me have ALL the feelings. It’s as filthy as you would expect but it’s so much more!” – Goodreads Reviewer ★★★★★


My absolute FAVORITE of this enthralling masterpiece series!” – Myra Danvers, USA Today bestselling author ★★★★★



Over 450 ★★★★★ Star Reviews Across the Series!





Wren’s rebellion failed.

Caspian has marked her, Toby has claimed her, and Kieran is unwillingly caught in her spell. Affection and betrayal, pleasure and pain—each Alpha with their own brand of demands and desires.

Broken Captive: Wren’s Song Book 3 is a dark, sinister Omegaverse Reverse Harem tale for those with twisted tastes and a passion for unabashed bad boys. Complete power exchange dominates these pages, as do THREE smoking-hot Alpha antiheroes.


My ARC Review:

Part 3 of Wren’s Song from Addison and wow, be prepared, there is nothing romantic about this one – it is dark, diabolical, depraved, raw and animalistic. It is everything you shouldn’t like, but when you should be dropping your kindle and running very far away you find you self pulled in and unable to put this down.

Toby, Kieran and Caspian are each terribly depraved and psychotic in their own way, each different from the other but no less nasty and evil – what Wren goes through will make your skin crawl!!

In this one Wren is recovering from her rampage, Toby and Caspian each have an uncompleted ‘mate’ link to Wren after claiming her. All 3 men treat her differently, Toby wants her for himself as his mate so he can carry out all his depraved goings on, Caspian can’t get her out of his head and so uses other women to try and oust her out of there, and Kieran acts like he really hates her and just doesn’t care what happens.

Wren was badly injured from her rampage, her recovery taking lots of time. All she wants is to protect her boys and will try to please Caspian enough so that they stay safe.

Although this is a very dark and raw read there is also a lot of emotion in here. Wren is a very strong character in herself, doing all she can to make sure her boys are safe. The men are given just enough humility and you start to see them actually care about Wren so that you don’t hate them completely. I can’t wait to see where the next book will take us!! A very compelling read.




Branded Captive


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Silent Captive


Free in Kindle Unlimited

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