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The Elkridge Series by Lyz Kelley

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Blinded Quotes:


“I don’t just want you. I need you. You are my oxygen.”


“You never treated me like I was broken or handicapped or helpless. And for that reason, I fell in love with you.”


“What about your brother’s case? The community is spooked that there’s a murderer on the loose.”




Reviews for Blinded:


“I enjoyed this book and read it in two sittings. The author writes well, but each chapter left me wanting more so it was almost impossible to put down, I love that in a book.” A book lover’s Emporium book Blog


“Blinded is a second chance book – not just the romance but also life, family and friendship.” 2 Girls who love books blog


“Once I picked up this book, I couldn’t put it down.” Word Land Reviews






Author Bio:

Award-winning author Lyz Kelley mixes a little bit of heart, healing, humanity, happiness, honor, hope and honor in all her books that are written especially for you. She’s is a total disaster in the kitchen, a compulsive neat freak, a tea snob, and adores writing about and falling in love with everyday heroes.





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