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She picked the name Gen.
As an evangelical exile who fled her community only to land in LA, Genevieve couldn’t be greener. Armed with a list of experiences she’s eager to live, it serves as her compass in the choppy waters of normal society. Until she meets Cobra. There’s nothing normal about the resident gym bad boy who struts around like he could undress her with his eyes alone.

And he goes by Cobra.
Cobra knows better than to believe in blessings. Snagging this stable job at Holt Body Fitness is the only break of luck he’s had since his life took a nosedive as a teen, but it’s just a matter of time before this goes downhill too. Which is why when ultra-innocent Gen stumbles onto his bleak path, he’s eager for the distraction provided by the oblivious bombshell. He can help her live her list—but only so far. Because Cobra’s only good at being temporary.

They both have lives they left far behind them.
Setting three months to wade through Gen’s list of sins, the two of them plunge headfirst into something equals parts sizzling and intense. As Cobra inches nearer to securing his permanent spot at the gym, he comes even closer to a scary new reality. One that might be too good to be true. One that will force him to choose between the only family he’s ever known, and the one thing he swore to never need: love.

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He carried her easily toward that block of apartments, setting her down gently in front of her door. She wavered for a moment, eyes going glossy as she looked up at him.

“Thanks for a great night,” she whispered.

A laugh erupted from him. “I didn’t take you out, Gen. I brought you home.”

“It was still great,” she insisted, rummaging in her handbag. She produced a key a moment later. “Aha!”

The exclamation was practically a guffaw. It echoed down the hall. He shushed her.

“I do what I want,” she said, struggling to open the door and failing. “Are we gonna have sex?”

He rubbed at his face, the grin hurting his cheeks. This girl wasn’t just sexy, or awkward, or different. She fit into a category he’d never even realized existed. “No. I’m making sure you go to bed.”

Though he would have loved to bend her over the nearest soft surface, blackout drunk was not the time to try. His roommates would have begged to differ.

“Well, here we are.” She missed the lock on the fifth attempt. Cobra snatched the key from her, and the door unlocked on his first try.

“Go inside.” He pushed the door open as she sauntered through, looking like a sketch comedy performer making fun of a sexy walk. He laughed. “Are you always like this?”

“I should ask you the same thing.” She jutted her chin out, spinning on her heels. The quick turn made her fall over. She faceplanted into the couch.

“Jesus, Gen.” He shut the front door quickly then helped her sit up.

“Don’t take the Lord’s name in vain,” she whispered. The sweet tang of alcohol bathed his senses. But from this close, he could see the startling clarity of her green eyes. Like a gemstone, something so glittering and deep that he felt punctured by the sight.

His stomach clenched. “Which room is yours?”

“I’m not telling you,” she said, crossing her arms over her chest. The defiance made him smile. She turned her head away.

“This shouldn’t be too hard to find out,” he said. The apartment was small, a kitchen hugging the overstuffed living room. A shadowy hallway to the left. “Should I go wake up your roommates and ask them?”

“Stop it,” she hissed, pushing to standing. Her tie-dyed tank top had slid out of place, revealing a taupe lace bra beneath. His low belly tightened. This was not the time or the place, but suddenly he was hungry for her. Wanted to taste that smooth shoulder, push her up against the wall.

Break her into pieces and get drunk on the shards.

“You need to go to bed,” he said. She wobbled toward the hallway, and he caught her again before she pitched forward.

“Actually, you need to go to bed,” she slurred. “Don’t tell me who needs to go to bed; I know who needs to go to bed. I need to go to bed.”

Circular drunk logic. He bit his lip to keep in the laugh as he guided her down the hall. She listed toward one of the doors. Probably hers. She pushed at the door, and he flipped the light on, stomach tightening as he awaited the verdict: her room or her roommate’s.

The equivalent of a dollhouse bedroom stared back at him. Neatly made twin bed, oak dresser, a flowery lamp that sat primly on an otherwise empty nightstand. One suitcase stood upright, unopened, near the door.

“Lay down.” He stayed near the doorway. Maybe more for his own good than hers. She flopped face first onto the bed. She mumbled something into the comforter, and then her eyes closed.

A moment later she fell asleep.

The quiet of the apartment descended on him. Reminded him that he was in somebody else’s apartment on the side of town that wasn’t his. Tension prickled through him. As he headed for the door a paper fluttered from underfoot. He stilled so he could identify it. Not his.

He blinked a few times, trying to read it from where he stood midstride. Feminine handwriting. Probably Red’s. The urge to see it up close overcame him. What had she written, alone in this strange, empty room? He snatched it up.

Things I Seriously Need To Do Before I Go Home

  1. Pay rent and utility bills on time and with a smile!
  2. Have an excellent, toe-curling make-out session
  3. Go on a date with a man

Cobra blinked, looking up at Red. Holy shit, was she a terminal cancer patient or something? Red continued snoring softly.

  1. Go to one of those art classes where you drink wine and everyone paints the same picture and most of them look horrible, but hey, at least you tried
  2. Scream “fuck” from a mountaintop
  3. Meet someone for a ridiculous coffee creation
  4. Fix my leg
  5. Get a guy’s number
  6. Have sex
  7. Have GOOD sex
  8. Have an excellent, toe-curling orgasm with a man

Cobra’s mouth fell open, and he looked back at Red. This couldn’t mean…

He blinked again. Somehow, it all made sense.

She was a virgin.

  1. Spend the night at a man’s house, and the next morning he does NOT want me to leave!
  2. Get flowers from basically anyone, but it would be nice if it was also from this man
  3. Shock the family, bring a man home?
  4. Use the Maps application with the British voice
  5. Get drinks after work with my coworkers like the rest of the world does.
  6. Get an hombre, once you Internet search what it is again
  7. Have butt sex?????
  8. Have sex in front of someone else??????
  9. Start learning French
  10. Get new CUTE clothes that aren’t hand-me-downs from Amara’s Aunt Vicky
  11. Become a CUTE dog owner!!! Coordinating leashes with outfits. Seasonal photo shoot optional.
  12. Own two dogs
  13. Own three dogs
  14. Make a dog calendar with photos of my own dog(s)

The list filled the entire sheet of notebook paper, as well as the back side. Cobra’s hand immediately went to his pocket. This shit was too weird. He wanted to take a picture…so he could study it.

Maybe help her out with some of the items on the list.



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