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Play to Win

by Kelly Jamieson

On Sale March 19th | Ballantine/Loveswept



Meet the Wynns—a hockey dynasty built on family, money, and drama. From USA Today bestselling author Kelly Jamieson, the first novel in a new series is a total win-win.



After an injury forced Théo Wynn to give up professional hockey, he turned to his second love: numbers. Now, as the general manager of his grandfather’s NHL team, the Los Angeles Condors, Théo is dying to prove to the rest of his family—especially the brother who betrayed him—that he’s just as successful as the rest of them. If only Théo had a gorgeous woman on his arm to complete the picture . . .

Lacey Olson needs to get out of Las Vegas right now, thanks to her no-good, crooked brother. When a handsome stranger who’s out partying with friends comes to her rescue in the cocktail lounge where she works, they strike up a conversation that leads to a crazy plan: her leaving with Théo for L.A. tomorrow. A few drinks later, the idea gets even crazier: a quickie marriage that works for both of them.

But back in California, Lacey immediately turns Théo’s precise, well-ordered life into one big beach party. And before long, she’s tempting him with her smart mouth, sexy body, and sunny charm. The last thing Théo needs is a real relationship to distract him. Because he only plays to win . . .





“This is going to be so nice.” She dips a hand into the water. “Hot.”

“That’s the idea.” I clear my scratchy throat.

The hot tub is built in, with two steps up to it. Lacey climbs them, giving me a stellar view of her ass, barely covered by the scrap of red Lycra, then lowers herself into the water and wades into a corner. She lets out a long sigh as she sinks into a seat. “Lovely.”

I leap in and submerge myself to hide the wood I’m suddenly sporting. The hot water closes around me. I’m in the opposite corner to Lacey, nowhere near enough to touch her. Except our feet. My toes brush hers when I stretch my legs out.

She leans her head back and closes her eyes. “Oh my God, this is wonderful.”

“It’s pretty nice.”

“I can just feel the tension melting out of me.”

“Yeah. Wait. What tension? We had fun today.”

“Oh, you know. Just normal stuff.”

“Like what?”

She sighs. “I’m still worried about Chris.”

“Have you heard any more from him?”

“I texted him yesterday, and he did reply and said he’s fine. I think he’s mad at me.”

“He has no fucking right to be mad at you.”

One corner of her mouth kicks up. “I know.”

“When we left Vegas, you were pissed at him for trying to pimp you out and disappearing, and you were strong enough to cut him loose to stand on his own two feet.”

“Yeah. But I still worry about him.”

I wade through the water over to crouch in front of her. I take her hands and squeeze them. “You’re being the strong one, you know. You’re doing the right thing.”

“As long as he doesn’t end up dead.”

Ugh. That is a concern. I wish I could fix things for her. “He won’t. And I for one am glad you’re here, and safe.”

She leans forward and plants a kiss on my mouth. My body zooms to attention, going still other than my dick which swells and twitches. It’s a chaste, closed-mouth kiss that lasts a few seconds, then she draws back and says, “Thank you.”

I stare at her, my body tingling, blood rushing hot through my veins. Her expression changes, her eyes darkening, her lips parting. I study that mouth. I want to feel it on mine again. I want to taste her. I want her warm wet curves pressed up against me, especially one part of me that’s throbbing with need.

“Théo . . .”

I shift closer, sloshing water, to find her waist. I clasp my hands on her and her knees part to let me closer. I’m weirdly weightless in the water. She sets her hands on my shoulders.

“Kiss me again,” I quietly order.

Her eyelids drift down and she leans forward. Our mouths come together in another kiss, this one gentler, our lips clinging, until I open mine on hers, coaxing her to open to me too. I lick inside, tasting her sweetness, swallowing her soft moan.




USA Today bestselling author Kelly Jamieson is the author of more than forty contemporary romance novels. She writes the kind of books she loves to read—sexy romance with heat, humor, and emotion. She likes coffee (black), wine (mostly white), and shoes (high!). She also loves watching hockey.



Play to Win
Ballantine Group; Loveswept | On Sale: March 19th, 2019 | ISBN: 9781101969441 | Pages 248 | Price: $4.99

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