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Title: The Edge of Forever

Author: J. Saman

Genre: Contemporary romance

About The Edge of Forever

Weston Kincaid was my first…everything.
My brother’s best friend should have come with a warning label.
The man was a cautionary tale and we were the ill-fated cliché.
The star quarterback to my loner art geek.
But I didn’t listen. Not to the warnings. Not to my instincts.
I fell, and I fell hard.

Then he left and I was forced to pick up the pieces of my broken heart.

A decade and a lifetime later, he’s back.
Only instead of being the star jock, he’s now a surgeon.
A sexy, irresistible surgeon who happens to save my friend’s life. As if all that isn’t bad enough, he has it in his determined, arrogant head that we should pick up where we left off.
But this time, it’ll take more than devouring looks and the rush of his touch to temp me back into his bed.
And my heart? Not an option.
He’s about to figure out, I’m not the same girl he left behind.

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“Wes,” she cries out, the sound of her voice carrying in the opposite direction as it floats in the current of the wind. “Wait.”

I do wait. I even turn around to face her. She’s running down the sidewalk to catch up to me, so I help her along and swallow up the distance between us. Aria comes to a halt when she’s a few feet away then she just stands there, staring at me like she doesn’t know what to do now that she’s caught me. She’s wearing a cream-colored sweater dress and tan leather booties. Her long dark hair is swept off her face, parted down the middle with the two front ends braided and tied together behind her head. Her eyelids are painted in something shimmery and her lips are pink. She looks like an angel or a fairy or something magical and mythical.

She’s so pretty my chest hurts.

“You were there? You were in the bar?” I nod and take a step closer, my eyes feasting on her. My heart picking up a pace I wish it wouldn’t. “I saw you leave, but when I ran after you, you were already gone.”

“You ran out after me?”

Now it’s her turn to nod, the color rising in her cheeks. “Why did you leave?”

I sigh, running a hand through my hair. What am I supposed to say to that? Or more importantly, how much do I want to reveal. Especially if she’s with Drew. Jealousy prickles my skin and I realize I’m angry. At myself. At her. At myself. I sigh. She’s going to pulverize the remnants of my battered heart and leave me for dead. “Because things looked very intense between you and Drew and I didn’t want to be there for it.”


“And?” I laugh out mirthlessly. “And this is just getting very complicated. I’m a possessive bastard, Aria. I love that you ran out on that asshole to come look for me. You have no idea how hard it was for me to see you with him. Or maybe you do because you know why I left. I just don’t know what to do.” I blow out a breath, glancing out into the street. I take a moment, forcing myself to grow some balls, reluctant to ask the question I need the answer to. I turn back to her, our eyes locking. “Are you getting back to together with him? It certainly looked like that’s what he was trying to do.”

“I don’t know,” she admits. It feels like a sucker punch to the gut. Those three words are surprisingly painful but no less than what I expected her to say. How is it fucking possible that I’m too late again? I just got her back. And then something occurs to me. I’m not too late. She said she doesn’t know and that means uncertainty. That means I can still fight like hell for her.


About the Author:

J. Saman loves all types of novels, but finds herself always going back to writing/reading romances. She’s addicted to Diet Coke and sour candy, and swears way too much. She’s an admitted lover of picking at old wounds, second chance romances, love triangles and the perfect amount of angst . She writes smart, strong women and sexy alpha (slightly nerdy) men who have

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