Lee Mountford ~ The World is Your Lobster ~ Release Blitz

The World is your Lobster by Debut Author Lee Mountford


One globe. Two backpacks. A year of side splitting fun.

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Lee & Nicki’s dream to travel started with a working ‘year’ in Australia but faltered as they reached their first city and didn’t move anywhere else (not even home). Ten years later and fast approaching middle age, they’d become the epitome of an average, boring couple. Slowly but surely, their wanderlust kept brewing, it was time to break the cycle, but had they left it too late? They head off for a year long adventure around the globe. This book follows their quirky antics, watching them grow as travellers through times of stress, laughter, plain awkwardness, and even heartbreak. How would two short English-Australians fair in the big wide world, swapping pull-along suitcases for backpacks in their year long circumnavigation? With hilarity, that’s how.
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The World is your Lobster Hardback
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Always the clumsy one, Lee fell into writing late on in life. Late enough that his wrinkles are pronounced, he has at least two grey hairs, and is already starting to shrink (which is a shame, as he never really got that tall in the first place). However, not late enough to be grown up, or serious in any way. Brought up on Merseyside (UK) before moving to Melbourne (Australia), he sits in an awkward no-mans land between scally and hipster. His goal – to make you smile.
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