K.F. Breene ~ Warrior Fae Princess ~ Release Blitz / ARC Review


Release Blitz / ARC Review


Warrior Fae Princess

Warrior Fae #2

K.F. Breene




With Charity’s fate on the line, Devon and his pack must face the perils of the Realm in search of the elusive warrior fae. With no real experience and against some of the most powerful creatures in existence, they are fighting a losing battle.

Thankfully, they don’t have to do it alone.

Knowing what’s at stake, Penny and Emery, the magical powerhouses of the mage world, will lend their aid, trying to sneak Charity in the backdoor.

If they are caught, they’ll all be captured or worse. Much worse.

But to make it means Devon will be forced to make a difficult decision that will change his and Charity’s life forever.

You don’t want to miss this epic conclusion to Devon and Charity’s story!



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My ARC Review:

Another fabulous read, which may well be the conclusion of Devon and Charity’s story, but boy does it leave it open to some massive further developments in this world, which has got me very excited!!

Devon must get Charity to the Fae in order to help her with her magic, she’s out of control and its literally killing her. Roger has sent a few extra’s along to help, giving Devon that much more muscle but also threatening him as Alpha. Penny and Emery are also along for the ride trying to get Charity past all sorts of nasties in time to help her. Vlad has set his sights on Charity, he knows how important she is and more he knows what she is, but strangely he also wants to help. So when some real nasty demons show up trying to stop them, Vlad knows another player has entered the game, he just doesn’t know who.

Of course this is fill with lots of action and excitement, drama, magic and fights, brilliant wit and banter, sarcasm and snark, all of which we are used to in a DDVN book, but there also a lot of depth of emotion with this one between Devon and Charity that will pull at your heartstrings.

Brilliantly written as always by this author, I love how she pulls all the characters together from different books and it just flows seamlessly! You get so engrossed in this world that the pages just keep on turning and you get lost in the story, just fabulous! As I’ve said I can’t wait to see what happens next in the DDVN world, by the looks of it its going to be major!



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