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The Red Door: The Thirteenth Boy

The Demon Series #1

by E. H. James



Max is your typical 16-year-old kid trying to navigate his way through yet another high school, in 1962. Unable to avoid the bullies that love to torment everyone in their sight, Max plays along. But when they demand he go into the abandoned Starke house at midnight, on the anniversary of the serial killer’s execution, Max is not overly anxious to comply. For it is said Starke reappears at the scene of the crime, back to where he buried all those boys in his basement. Given the task of returning with a chip of blood from the basement door, Max heads into the house, determined to make fools out of every one of them. For only a fool would believe in such nonsense…right?

WARNING: This book contains extreme violence and language that may be offensive to some readers.


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My Book Review:

A classic horror / supernatural / ghost story tale, well written, engrossing, scary….

Max is a typical 16 yr old, trying to get settled in yet another new high school, but the bullies are determined to have their go at him, and he’s determined to get this over and done with so he can just move on.

So he’s tasked with going into a reputedly haunted house, not just any house, its the Starke house, where Edward Starke murdered thirteen boys in the basement. Each year on the anniversary Edward is rumoured to return in a bid to spill even more blood. Of course, it’s the anniversary date when Max has to go into the house and retrieve a piece of the red painted wooden basement door.

You just know he shouldn’t have gone in there….

A great short story, very immersive, certain to give you a few chills.




Beyond the Red Door: The Soul Seeker

The Demon Series #2



Fifty years to the day Max Jensen walked into the Starke house, Jesse Miller is throwing a party.

Jesse wants to go down in high school history as the kid to remember. Only problem is, he may just get his wish. If he thought throwing a party in the long abandoned house of a serial killer would do it, then he would be right. But what happens that night at the old Starke house isn’t something you want to remember…not if you ever want to sleep again. Performing a mock ceremony to raise Starke from the dead proves to be a mistake of monumental proportion. And by the time Jesse realizes he is in over his head, he must now worry about keeping that same head on his shoulders.

What would you do if the only way out was to go Beyond the Red Door…into the very mouth of hell?

WARNING: Language and Violence 


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My Book Review:

The Starke House is back to claim more victims….

50 years on from The Red Door, when Max disappeared in that house, and Jesse is wanting to make a name for himself by throwing a party to remember. Where better than in the Starke House….

Excited by their pending graduation, Jesse and his best buddy Steadman set about planning their party, even going so far as to perform a mock ceremony in an attempt to raise the ghost of Edward Starke.

The house and its ghosts end up taking over, trapping their victims within and not letting them out of the house. Its violent, scary and gory….

Well written with captivating details, this will have you on the edge of your seat as the horror in the house unfolds.




Resurrection: The Legacy of Starke House

The Demon Series #3




When Cole Pearson finds a great deal on a house, he can’t believe his luck. A new job, a new town, a new home…life couldn’t be better. His wife, Devyn, however, thinks it’s too good to be true.

No sooner than they move in, than objects begin to move from where they were placed, and Devyn quickly realizes the reason the price was so reasonable. Getting a dog to keep Devyn company, while he is out of the house, seems the answer to Devyn’s problem, or so Cole believes. Only the dog, like Devyn, doesn’t want to go in the house, and Devyn wants to leave.

But the house, as Cole is about to discover, is the least of their problems. And what lies ahead…in the dark…in the basement…is something Cole never expected.

WARNING: Language and violence.


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My Book Review:

The Starke House tale continues in this the third book in The Demon Series, which must be read in order to fully appreciate the storyline.

A new family and a completely new set of circumstances for this one. Cole Pearson can’t believe his luck when he manages to get a great house within his price range. New job, new house, new start, he can’t wait. His wife Devyn soon realises why the house was so cheap, when things in the house start moving around on their own. Cole just thinks his wife is a little lonely and a dog is the answer to all his problems, but the dog doesn’t want to go into the house and starts acting strangely.

Brilliant, twisted, eerie…. the house is back for more victims…. a great ghost / horror / paranormal read, loving this series!




Possession: The Rise of Edward Starke

The Demon Series #4




Thirteen years after the party at Starke house, Jesse Miller is now in New York, interviewing for a job.

Only this isn’t just any job interview. This interview is with Cole Pearson. The man everyone wants to work for. The man, who, in five short years, has taken the business world by storm and amassed not only billions, but the attention of everyone, who wants to be someone. Fumbling his way through a disastrous interview, Jesse believes the day can’t get any worse. That is, until Cole Pearson turns to Jesse, and he sees not Cole Pearson, but Edward Starke. Aware Starke has possessed Cole Pearson, Jesse gathers a menagerie of men to take him down.

Can a ghost, a reporter, an ex-priest, and a childhood friend come together to end Starke once and for all, or will the possession of Cole Pearson only be the beginning?

WARNING: This work has language that may be offensive to some readers.


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My Book Review:

Book 4 in The Demon Series, and we find ourselves back with Jesse Miller from Book 2, but thirteen years on. He’s never been the same from what he witnessed back in the Starke House all those years ago, but has tried to get on with his life.

Now he’s in New York for a job interview with none other than Cole Pearson, the man was no one five years ago, now he is a billionaire and everyone is talking about him. The interview is a disaster, but what Jesse sees at the end will change his whole life.

Jesse believes Cole to be possessed by the spirit of Edward Starke, who has world domination in his sights. Jesse pulls together a collection of people to help take Edward Starke down.

Another very engrossing read, I love how these books connect to each other so well and put a different take on the whole story, carrying you along in web of horror, mystery and violence. These short stories are very much worth the read for any horror / suspense / PNR fans.




Ascension: The Chosen

The Demon Series #5



Jesse returns from India, ten years later, in his arms a Katemara. But he is not returning to the world he left. Demons are possessing humans on a regular basis. Committing crimes and leaving the humans to suffer the consequences, the demons are amassing huge sums of money.

Left to wonder what the demons could be plotting, Jesse knows they are after more than just mischief, pain, and pleasure. But when Cole confesses to one of Starke’s murders, believing himself responsible for not having stopped Starke, Jesse and the gang have more than just demons to worry about. And when overwhelmed by demons bent on killing them, they must run.

Will Jesse take his rightful place as the chosen one, or will the demon occupation prevent the ascension?


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My Book Review:

Continuing on from Book 4 Possession, Jesse is back from India some 10 yrs later, with the world full of demons and their scheming, possessing humans and getting stacks of cash, but for what purpose?

Jesse must step up to try and put a stop to the demons and their plans, with Cole confirming one of Edward Starke’s murders, Jesse feels guilty for not having stopped Starke before. But the tables are turned and the demons are coming after him and his friends, will he be able to put things he learned in India to use and step and become The One.

I loved the continuation of the story and the with the connection of the characters and the story evolving from the previous books you are getting to see a bigger picture here of just what is going on. A very entertaining read that just adds to this Demon Series!




Nicholas: Lost Innocence

The Demon Series #6




On a September night, in 1962, five-year-old Nicholas Starke finds himself alone on a street in Fairfield.

Confused and frightened, he is rescued by a kind couple. When that same couple adopts him, he is able to move on with his life…Only the people in the town of Fairfield won’t let him. And when met with angry and frightened stares, wherever he goes, his parents decide it best to move. But where can you go, when strange happenings follow your every move?

Will Nicholas hold on to what is left of his innocence, or will his brother’s influence be his downfall?

Warning: This ebook contains language and violence that may be offensive to some readers.


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My Book Review:

Book 6 in the Demon Series, and what a twist this was, I was not expecting that!! E.H. James has gone back in time with this one to books earlier in this series, and it connects and collides with that story, bringing a whole new dimension and meaning to what you have previously read about. A brilliant turn of events!

Nicholas is Edward’s brother, found wandering the streets at 5 yrs old, with no memory of what has happened to him. As his tale unfolds you learn just what has happened to him throughout his life, what he has had to contend with, and how he hopes to set things right.

Loved this and how it interacts with some of the previous stories, a brilliant read!




Of Noble Blood: Out of the Darkness

The Demon Series #7




Being the queen’s daughter doesn’t exclude you, when the fate of the world is in the balance. And when Princess Amara has the opportunity to help, she readily accepts.

Transformed into a shape-shifting time traveler, she journeys back through the centuries to the year 1522. Here she retrieves a baby boy and brings him forward to the year 1995, where he becomes Jesse Miller.

Unaware he is chosen, he comes to realize he alone must save the world. And with the help of Amara, he must travel further yet into the future, to destroy the demon infiltration and repair the damaged timeline.

But the story is far from over, and when he returns to 2233, where he lives with Amara, he discovers there is far more to experience than he can possibly imagine.


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My Book Review:

Book 7 in the Demon Series, and this is just another fantastic read, again one I wasn’t expecting and it was enthralling and entertaining from start to finish.

In this book you get Amara’s story, of how she is born and given a special task, of how she has had to time travel forwards and backwards through the centuries in order to help The Chosen One try and save humanity, working alongside Jesse in ways you don’t see until you read this and see the connection again to the other stories.

Her life is anything but easy and the choices and paths she has to take are difficult. This brought out quite a few emotions whilst reading this, knowing what she knows yet she still has to take that path to its conclusion!

Another brilliant read, full of detail and a surprising amount of emotion in this one.




The Path: Keeper of the Amaarand

The Demon Series #8




When Max Jensen is brutally murdered, on September 9, 1962, Timmy Jensen’s life is changed forever.

Timmy adored Max, and his loss was something neither he, nor his parents, could overcome. Shunned and ostracized, as the brother of that murdered teen, Timmy manages to find a job with a kind man by the name of Earl Jackman. Hauling away junk from people’s attics, Timmy meets Jenny Krieger and falls in love. Only Jenny’s father won’t have it, and she is shipped off to boarding school in Europe. But not before he meets Jenny’s grandma and is given a powerful medallion, known as the Amaarand.

Told he can use it to rescue his brother Max’s soul from hell, he must now patiently wait for his opportunity. He just didn’t know he’d have to wait until 2012.

Warning: This book may contain language that may be offensive to some readers. 


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My Book Review:

Book 8 in the Demon Series and the final book, the author has pulled out all the stops to give us a memorable and wonderful ending to an awesome series.

Timmy is the brother of Max Jensen who was murdered at the Starke House, something he and his parents have never lived down, and he lives with that memory every day, struggling with the death of Max.

He finally manages to settle working for a kindly old man who takes junk from peoples houses. He meets a girl and falls for her, but her father sends her away from him, but not before meeting her Grandma who gives him a medallion and the chance to save Max’s soul from hell.

This was a brilliant end to this series, I’m quite sad to see it end, it’s been a fantastic read, highly recommended reading.




The Demon Series Compendium




*This book contains all 8 parts of The Demon Series.

A story that spans centuries all begins on a September night, in 1962, when Max Jensen steps into the cellar of Edward Starke, on the anniversary of the serial killer’s execution.

Setting into motion a series of events that will change history, it’s now up to Jesse Miller, together with an ex-priest, a reporter, a ghost, a high school buddy, and a demon-killing beast, to attempt to set the timeline back again.

Will they succeed, or will demons wipe humanity from the face of the planet?

WARNING: This collection contains violence and language that may be offensive to some readers.


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My Book Review:

A brilliant series of 8 books, unique and intriguing from start to finish, you are pulled in by the story as it flows from 1962 to follow the enigma that surrounds the Starke House and the grisly murders that took place there.

A brilliant plot line with fantastic characters, with twists and turns in the later books that you just don’t expect – the sign of a talented author!

A highly recommended series for any horror / supernatural / PNR fans, not one to be missed!



About the Author:

E. H. James has always been fascinated by the unexplained. Wanting to delve deeper into the unknown, James has read and researched in the areas of parapsychology and metaphysics, for the past 40 years.

Taking those first hand experiences, involving the unexplained, James has woven the real and imaginary together into stories of the strange and bizarre.

James’s stories range from the paranormal and horror, to fantasy and science fiction, from short stories and novellas, to 100K+ novels.

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