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WICKED KING (Captive Series #4) by Julia Sykes
Release Date: January 21st


Please note that the title of Kingpin’s Property has been updated to Wicked King. The content of the story has not changed.



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I came. I conquered. I claimed her.

Carmen Ronaldo and I have a long, hateful history. She’s my enemy, an influential player in a rival cartel. She’s also been the object of my twisted obsession for years.

When I decimate her organization, I’m not merciful enough to let her die. She’s my trophy, my prize of war.

I intend to cage her and tame her; a symbol of my absolute victory and dominion over my newly-conquered territory.

Haughty, ice-cold Carmen is no longer my enemy. She’s my pet, my plaything.

She’s just mine.

Note: Kingpin’s Property can be read as a standalone dark romance novel.




My Review:

The 4th book in her Captive series, and this was just stunning!!! What a read!! A full on intense ride of emotions, that will have you biting your nails with the suspense and panting with the erotic scenes. A magnificent dark mafia tale with a captive theme and the most wonderfully dark anti-hero you just can’t help falling for, and a heroine made of steel and intelligence and an instinct for pure survival.

12 yrs ago Stephano, a vicious and cruel drug cartel boss had a night of obsession and dominance with the sister of one of his enemies / competitors, Pedro, in order to gain cartel info from Carmen. He then left her high and dry, with her having to deal with the consequences of betraying her brother. For 12 yrs she has had to live on her wits and intelligence, plotting and scheming of ways she can wrestle control from her brother and take over the cartel, all the time hating Stephano for what he did to her. But one night of mega violence and her cartel is destroyed and she finds herself captive and held by Stephano.

Carmen is such a strong brave soul, she has lived through some horrors and has the scars to prove this. She has nightmares and some triggers that end up with her mind spiralling down into the darkness and depravity that she had to live through, all due to that one night long ago with Stephano. She is determined that Stephano will not break her, that if she uses her mind she can find his weakness and maybe free herself from his clutches.

Stephano is a sociopath, he feels no emotions, no regrets, no nothing about the horror that he wreaks. Nothing moves him, but for Carmen, who has been obsessed with for the past 12 years, and now he has her, he is going to break her and make her his.

I loved both these characters with a passion, their connection and chemistry, although dark, is very compelling. I loved Stephano’s pet names for Carmen, always calling her Kitten, and you could really see the struggle in him as he tried his best in his own way to do the best for Carmen. The story is told from dual POV’s which really helps in understanding them both and their connection and the way they both behave.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a dark and violent read, but Stephano is just superb as a villain you love to hate, I just couldn’t get enough of him! The story line is engaging and captivating from the start and I really felt for Carmen and everything she had been through and how both characters change and grow with the story as they learn more about one another. A brilliant and immersive dark read, highly recommended.




About the Author:
Julia Sykes is the USA Today bestselling author of the Impossible Series. She has always kept dark stories tucked away in her mind, so she was thrilled when she discovered that other people actually want to read them. Her books blend romance, suspense, and BDSM.

You can usually find Julia in Starbucks with a venti iced coffee clutched in her hand (two pumps of mocha, liberal half and half). If she’s not in Starbucks, you will find her with a glass of prosecco in hand, probably reading Harry Potter. Again.


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