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My Pulse
Hanna Dale
Publication date: November 26th 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

For single mom Tristan Maddox, moving to the small town of Broward, Georgia is the opportunity she needs to provide her daughter with a better life. A bigger house where they can each have their own bedroom, a backyard to play in, a place where they can put down roots and be part of a community, are all part of the reason she chose Broward as their new home. Nowhere on that list was her sexy next door neighbor, Owen, his adorably affable dog, Huck, or his crazy family.

Owen Gallahanger is perfectly content with his life the way it is. He has a job he loves, a family that he can count on, even if they drive him crazy most of the time, and his loyal sidekick, Huck. He isn’t looking for anything more, but after meeting Tristan and her daughter, he quickly realizes exactly what he is missing.

But not everyone is happy that Tristan is in Broward. As an unknown threat continues to escalate, Owen has to fight to protect the woman he loves, and their future together, or risk losing everything.

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My Book Review:

My first read by this author and it took me a little by surprise at just how much I enjoyed this!! If you love a small town romance / single parent trope then this comes highly recommended!

Tristan moves from DC to the small town of Broward with her 3 yr old daughter in an effort to make a real go of their lives together due to a relation trying to step in and interfere in their lives. It’s a big step but she is determined to do everything she can for her daughter….. her own bedroom, a backyard and a puppy were on her most wanted list!!

She meets the Gallagher family the moment she arrives, the take her in under their wing and help her out moving in and generally being friendly and helpful. Owen Gallagher is the local Police Chief, with his faithful sidekick Huck the dog, and turns out to be Tristan’s new neighbor. The Gallaghers are an Irish family and have a family legend that there is just one woman for them and they would know her when they met her….. and his one woman happens to be Tristan, and bam he knows it the second he sees her.

Tristan has had a rough life, in and out of foster homes, she doesn’t want a relationship and wants to concentrate on her daughter, but the attraction to Owen is undeniable, and the Gallagher family become her second family almost immediately.

A great read with lots of loyal loving family supporting characters that will easily make more books to read in this. I loved the kid and the dog, a great combination, along with plenty of laugh out loud moments and some danger and drama thrown in there as well. Very entertaining all round, well worth the read.


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