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For A Goode Time Call…

Goode Girls #1

Jasinda Wilder


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The size of a Kodiak bear and covered in tattoos. A heart of gold, a rough and tumble past. Confident, powerful, gentle. Wise. Artistic. Deep wild brown eyes that see far deeper into me than they should.

Nothing in my life could ever have prepared me for the reality that is Ink Isaac. He’s just so much more than anyone I’ve ever met, and my instant, inexplicable, and undeniable attraction to him leaves me reeling.

But with my life recently turned upside down, the more time I spend around him, the more I realize I’m not even sure what my future looks like anymore—alI know for sure is, my heart and my body want him in it, even if my mind is saying something else.

* * *

She’s a tiny little thing, all hard edges and sharp wit. All woman, with slender curves and hypnotic eyes. She’s all fire and bravado, and she’s melting my big, bear-sized heart, little by little. I’m utterly hooked. Willing to risk it all for her.

Everything she is seems to demand that I give her everything I am. I’m just not sure if I know how to do that, if she really knows what she’s asking for when she looks up at me with those beautiful, blazing hazel eyes.

She sets me on fire, but are either of us ready for what that fire will do to both of us?














My ARC Review:

This was my first read by Jasinda for quite a while, the blurb for this sounded really good and I am so glad I gave this a go, a fabulous read for me, great characters that I fell in love with, steaming hot passion and chemistry and a wonderful set of family and friends!

Ink is a giant of a man, a native Alaskan, covered in tattoos and very spiritual and wise, where he runs his own tattoo shop. He has suffered a couple of bad relationships, ones where he was just learning about himself and his passions that ended up hurting him and he closed himself off to relationships and bottled up his passions and urges, believing himself to be a monster.

Cassie is back living at home with her mum after her relationship with the man she thought she loved ended after a car crash, one that has changed her life, stopping her from ever dancing professionally again and ending her relationship with her boyfriend. She is there to heal and get better, but is struggling to come to terms with her life now.

Ink and Cassie are wonderful characters, I loved their connection and their passion together. Ink could see through Cassie and her defences down to her soul, like no one else ever has, which was sending up red flags for her until she could get her life sorted. Cassie wanted to fix Ink, to show him that he wasn’t a monster and give him new memories to work with.

They are so different from one another, yet they fitted each other completely, their connection undeniable, their passion hot and erotic. A great story line I truly enjoyed and certainly makes me want to read some other books by Jasinda. Highly recommended.

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