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Not So Goode

Goode Girls #2

Jasinda Wilder

Contemporary Romance / Erotic






I’ve done everything right, my whole life. I never snuck out, never partied, never drank, never even had a high school boyfriend. Got all the best grades, got into all the best schools. I received not one, but TWO Ivy League University degrees. Had the paper-perfect fiancé, the paper-perfect life.

And then it all fell apart. My fiancé cheated on me with my boss. I quit my job, left my fancy upper-crust Boston condo, dumped my cheating fiancé…quit my entire life basically. Took to day-drinking and bingeing Netflix.

And then my younger sister Lexie calls me in a panic. She needs me to come rescue her, but won’t say from what, just that I need to come get her…at her university…in New York. Which leads Lexie and I on road trip across the country.

We form the no-bra man-hating day-drinkers roadtrip club…membership two.

And then I…ummm…overindulge just a little bit, at a country music festival. Get harassed by assholes. Have to be saved by tall, dark, and handsome man named Crow.

Crow turns my whole world upside down. He shows me what real pleasure is. Shows me what I’ve been missing my whole life…what a man can and should do to make a woman feel really, really good.

He’s bad. Dangerous. Wild. He has a bad mouth, hard fists, and a dark, mysterious past. And a talented tongue. And hands I find myself wanting all over me, in a desperate way I thought was only real in the romances I read. And now, suddenly, I find myself wanting a wild mustang of a man, an untamable force of nature…and wondering if there’s room in my safe, orderly, good girl world for him. Or if maybe I can learn how to be…not so good.

~ ~ ~

She’s everything good and sweet and innocent in the world, and I’m a hard-fisted brawler, an outlaw with a bloodstained past. I’m the exact, polar opposite to everything Charlie Goode is. I want her—I want her quick mind and her soft skin, her sexy curves and her sharp tongue. I want her body, and I want her soul. But I can’t have her. When she finds out about the bloody, violent truth of my past, she won’t want anything to do with me. She’ll run away as fast and as far as she can, because I’m not meant for a sweet, innocent thing like her.

Until then, though, I plan on getting her a little dirty. Showing her some of the wild side where I live my life. Take what I can get, and enjoy the ride, and worry about the state of my heart later.

You know what they say about the best laid plans, though.





My ARC Review:

The second book in the Goode Girls series and I’m really loving these!! It’s a cracking story, very entertaining, with flaming hot sexy scenes that will melt your panties right off!! A hot male with a dark and violent past, and a straight laced, no swearing, ‘good’ girl…. these two couldn’t be any more different, yet put them together and watch the sparks fly!!!

Charlie is the eldest of the Goode sisters, brought up by mum to be her best, work hard, no funny business, no swearing. She hard working and intelligent and had her life planned out, until her fiance cheated on her. She’s had a phone call from her younger and much wilder sister Lexie who is in some kind of trouble as she never rings for help. They decide a road trip would do them both a world of good, taking their time to travel across the states until the got to Mum’s in Alaska, well that was the plan….

On route they end up at a music festival where Charlie meets Crow (Lexie meets Myles, which is the next book), who ends up saving her from an unsavoury situation. They have a wonderful connection with each other, talking like they have known each other for a lifetime, and the sexual chemistry is off the charts, and he ends up showing just how fun a sexual relationship should be!

But Crow has a dark and violent past, that rears its ugly head yet again, one that Charlie witnesses, one she has never been a part of and doesn’t fit in her life.

This was an explosive read, I loved the music side of the book with Myles of Lexie, can’t wait to read that one next….. but Crow and Charlie, just phew!!! So goddamn hot!!! These two were just made for each other, but so very different, and they have a world of learning to do together. I loved the Goode girls, so sassy and fiery, more than able to take care of themselves, yet Charlie is sweet and innocent and pure in many ways, and Crow was absolutely taken with her, but he knew his dark and violent past, and couldn’t see a way that they could be together, he didn’t deserve a good girl like her.

I loved these characters and their stories, such a hot entertaining read, loving this series!!





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