Jasinda Wilder ~ Goode to be Bad ~ Release Blitz / Teaser / ARC Review

Goode to be Bad

Goode Girls #3

Jasinda Wilder

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Myles North- he’s the epitome of rock star hotness, with a killer body, a wicked smile, and a talent for driving me insane in all the most delicious ways. He’s good. A good man, a good friend, a talented performer, and an incredible lover. He’s literally everything a woman could ever ask for in a man.

Which is the greatest problem of them all, and I’ve got a lot of problems. My past is dark and secret and filled with unimaginable pain. I’ve built a brash, badass, loud-mouthed, exhibitionist, opinionated persona to be my armor against the world…and Myles North sees right through it to the truth of me.

* * *

Lexie Goode is sexy as sin, talented as hell, and has a razor-sharp tongue—and a past steeped in secrets and pain, which she hides from the world behind her tough, ballsy, figure-flaunting exterior. I’ve fallen for the girl, and hard. I want all of her, sharp corners and dark secrets and all. I’ll stop at nothing to earn her trust, and the truth of her past. But will I be able to hang on for the wild-ass ride that is Lexie Goode?



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My ARC Review:

Book 3 in this Goode Girls series, I’ve read the previous two in this and have loved them, but have not yet read any of the Badd series, where lots of characters from that series appear in this, I gotta make me some time to catch up with those!!

This is Myles and Lexie’s story, who we knew at the end of the previous book would get together. I was really looking forward to this one as Lexie is one hell of a firecracker…. sassy, sexy, confident…. but you just knew this was all a bit of a front, and I was dying to find out just what she was covering up!

Myles is a famous and very hot country rock star, who has worked his way up from nothing to everything career wise. He’s never had a real home or to know real love, it’s not something he ever thought he want, until he met Lexie. Their attraction and chemistry are off the charts, their initial relationship is purely sexual, but he is starting to want more with Lexie, but she is making it very tough for him. She has some tough built walls he has to get through, he has found she has some triggers that will set her anger off like a bottle of pop, and then she just runs, anywhere, to get away from her deep dark secret she has told no one about.

I love these two together, they are perfect for one another. Myles has a wonderful character, caring, loving, protective…. he is there for Lexie no matter what. He knows not to push her too far, or else she will just bolt. But he can only be on the sidelines of her heart for so long, before she either has to let him in or kick him out.

The sexual scenes between these two are intensely hot and vividly erotic, a cold shower may be required on multiple occasions!!

A great read, I loved the story line and all the characters and can’t wait to read more, really loving this series and highly recommend you give it a go!!




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