C.S. Kendall ~ Descendants of the Curse: Jessie’s Awakening ~ Release Blitz / Teasers / Giveaway



Release Date: May 13, 2020

Cover Design: Melody Barber

Genre: Paranormal / Coming of Age


Jessie Mason is a normal junior in high school with a boyfriend, a lead part in the school musical, and straight A’s.

But on her seventeenth birthday, her parents reveal her true lineage—that she descends from the first ever immortal human race—the Community that drank from the Fountain of Youth millennia ago and unleashed mortality into the world. As the daughter of two original immortals who drank, her genes determine her path and Jessie learns she, too, will live forever. But there is a cost.

The Fountain of Youth must replenish its life-giving stores and to do so, it turns those who benefit from the waters into killers, demanding lives as payment for the eternal life it grants.

Paired with Tyler, another (cute) immortal descendant of the cursed waters, Jessie learns to hear and tame the water’s bloodthirsty voice, channeling her murderous impulses toward the Community’s more…productive use of her killer instincts.

As she leans into her new identity and grapples for control, she can’t help but feel drawn to Tyler, who may be the only person capable of understanding the sacrifices demanded of her. But someone else knows about her and is threatening to reveal her secrets, or worse…

Can Jessie keep those she loves safe by embracing the directives of the beast within? Or will the water’s call get the better of her, destroying not only who she is, but hurting everyone she cares about?



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I post entirely too many pictures of my dog, horse, and whatever I am currently obsessed with–and I have Attention Deficit Disorder so obsessions change pretty rapidly.

So here’s the deal: most people in my life would be shocked to know I write romance. I’ve kept my romantic streak pretty much on the down low as it would ruin my street cred as my company’s smart-mouthed, no-nonsense administrative assistant. I kinda hate that. Why can’t you be snarky and still want a guy to be sweet to you? Anyway, I struggled for years with my writing. I’ve always enjoyed it, but I was afraid to tell people I wanted to be a writer. I felt like it would be like telling them I wanted to be an actress–or that I wanted to wear a cape while I fought crime.

Actually, I still think I could rock a cape. With proper motivation, I might even be able to run in heels. With seriously proper motivation, I might even be able to run and jump in said heels. Wow, see what I meant about my ADD? Returning to my point in 3…2…1…

So I wrote a bunch of books in secret and now I’m slowly publishing them and the response has been pretty amazing. I’m not special, but OMG my readers make me feel like I am. I’m incredibly lucky to have them. I wish I’d had the courage to publish before now.

Anywho, if you like romantic comedies heavy on the sarcasm and steam, you might like my books. I love to write heroines readers can relate to and heroes who can’t help but fall for them.


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