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Original Sin

The Order of Vampires Book 1

by Lydia Michaels

Genre: Paranormal Romance





Adam Hartzler has always been an honorable immortal, but the fine line between right and wrong begins to blur when he is called to his true mate. If he does not find and claim her soon, he will lose his soul and humanity, transforming into a vile predator controlled by insatiable bloodlust, sentenced to a demonic and tortured eternity as a vampire.

Adam sets out on a quest to hunt his mate and claim her before it is too late. His salvation relies on his destined mate’s surrender, but when she refuses to cooperate, Adam must set aside his morals and do what is needed to survive. Time’s slipping away with his control, and his territorial instincts refuse to let her go.

Annalise Snow awakens on a primitive farm removed from modern civilization and in fear of her life. Her captor is determined to keep her prisoner and believes he is somehow entitled to her future. But she will not surrender easily. When Adam asks for the ultimate sacrifice, she must decide if he lives or dies.

Passion and emotion collide in an explosive meeting of destined souls, but love is never a guarantee, especially when eternity begins with betrayal.





My ARC Review:

This was my first read by Lydia, but being a vampire story and seeming quite a different type of tale in the blurb had me hooked and ready to go! Wow, I was not disappointed!! This is a unique and original vampire story…… vivid, dramatic, emotional and full of gut wrenching twists and turns that left you on the edge of your seat.

The Immortals have hidden themselves away for centuries, living as an Amish sect, keeping themselves separated from the rest of humanity, living peacefully. They live to their own set of rules, each having their own set of special abilities and believe that God has a plan for them, and await His call to find their one true mate, this being the only time they dream, receiving flashes of information about their mate. But once this call has been received they have a limited amount of time to act and find them, as their humanity slowly seeps out of them, the blood of their mate being the only thing that can save them.

Adam receives one such call and sets out to find his mate, with the smell of honeysuckle and flashes of street signs to aid him. Annalise is a college student and works in a bar. When he finds her they have an immediate connection, but Adam wants her to love him of her own free will and doesn’t want to force her, but Anna is her own woman used to the modern trappings of the world, so when she wakes up and finds herself amidst an Amish clan she is not best pleased.

Adam has to fight hard to try and gain her trust, which is a mighty battle since he basically has to kidnap her at first. But Anna also sees how women are treated in their sect and doesn’t like it one bit. Being made to dress like them and not swear prove a little too much to handle! Yet all this time Adam is fighting within himself to keep sane and not let the beast out, he refuses to just take Anna and bond with her, even though he has been taught that his is his right, he is willing to die before having to force her.

But all is not quite as it seems, as Anna starts having nightmares, someone else is invading her dreams and its not Adam!

I loved this!!! I was thoroughly hooked on the story line and the push and pull between Anna and Adam, will she or won’t she??? You can’t help but feel for her, it’s not such an easy decision to make!! There are lots of secondary characters in here also, all very interesting and appealing in their own way, I just loved the whole set up really! I can’t wait to see where we go next with this!! Highly recommended reading for any PNR fans.





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About the Author

Lydia Michaels is the award winning author of over 35 romance novels. She is an iBooks Bestsellers and her work has been featured in USA Today. She is the two-time winner of the Author of the Year Award from Happenings Media [2018 & 2019]. In 2015 she won The Best Author Award from The Courier Times. She is a five time nominee for the prestigious RONE Award. Her books are intellectual, emotional, haunting, always centered around love.


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