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Lustful Dreaming

Taming the Dragon Clan Book 1

by Chelsea Falin

Genre: Erotic Reverse Harem Paranormal Fantasy





Episode I: Lustful Dreaming

Zalena is hired by Damien to keep house, and she starts having weird, lustful dreams about her new employer. Azariel starts stirring up trouble… including asking out Zalena.


The Bad Guy:


A mage tapping into the darker half of the earth element and leader of the Jewel Clan, he was never so much evil as lost. Of all the things Azariel is willing to do, harming a woman or child isn’t one of them. He makes a point to use his resources to eradicate the world of rapists, woman abusers, and child beaters one dead man at a time.


The Good Guys:


The last dragon shifter and leader of the Dragon Clan. He refuses to love, because love, he claims, is dangerous. He claims the sweet Zalena as the alpha male he is, partaking in carnal pleasures infused with pain that fade into soft care once his urges have been fulfilled.


A wolf shifter who despised the modern adaptation of his kind as ‘werewolves.’ With puppy-like enthusiasm and a good nature that lifts everyone’s spirits, Ezra has an animalistic personality in the bedroom infused with playfulness.


A mage who taps into the white half of the spirit element. He’s very ordinary compared to his brethren, but has a calming way about him that puts everyone at ease. He’s the voice of common sense in their trio, and when he’s gone on missions, the other two are known for making very bad decisions.

The Woman:


A tiny, raven-haired beauty who has clawed her way up in the world from a dark past we don’t quite understand yet. She’s unwittingly pulled into a world of magic, into the battle for balance in the world, when she accepts a cleaning position from Damien.





“So why do I smell a girl?” Ezra couldn’t be pushed off any topic for long. He might seem nothing more than a goofy screwball, but his mind was sharp as a tack.


“I hired a housekeeper. She came to clean today.”


“Is she hot? Better yet, is she kinky? Maybe we could share again. You know, level the playing field?” Ezra grinned toothily, his broad tan face nearly breaking in half.


I shook my head, laughing at the shifter’s enthusiasm. The same passion Ezra had for sex – and anything deviant, in particular – he also had for food, running, sleeping, movies… and everything, anything. “She’s an attractive little thing. Long brown hair, bright green eyes, curvy hips, and adequate breasts on a tiny, strong frame. But I think she’d need to be eased into our normal situation if she was accepting at all. You know, introduced to the clan one member at a time?”


Ezra was practically drooling. “Mmmm…. She sounds yummy.”


“Yummy? What a juvenile word,” I scoffed.


Ezra shook his head in a decidedly canine manner and then threw it back to laugh. With one more stretch of his muscular frame, he walked to the kitchen table and sat down.  I divided the stir-fry I’d been making onto two plates and joined him. “Thanks, dude. You’re the best.”






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About the Author

Chelsea Falin is the self published author of 21 current titles, including five contemporary fiction novels. She is, as always, working on her newest title.

Chelsea was born and raised in the small town of Dade City, located in west-central Florida. Currently, she resides in southern New Jersey. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, fishing, hiking, biking, traveling, and spending time with her friends or family.


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