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Hot Mess

by Emma Hart

Romantic Comedy

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What do you do when the whole world has seen you getting down and dirty in a broom closet?

I, Elle Evans, am on the run.
Not from the fuzz—although that would be more exciting.
No, I’m on the run from the four-year-old private tape that, thanks to my vengeful ex, has probably already ruined my vlogging career.
There’s nothing like the entire world knowing what you look like mid-O.
Creek Keys, Florida, is a million miles away from NYC and the perfect place for me to hide for the rest of summer until I can figure out what I’m going to do.
Something that’s easier said than done since my new landlord’s daughter thinks you’re God’s greatest gift. Even better? Their beach house is right next to the one I’m renting, so there’s no getting away from her—or her hot, British dad.
Who most definitely does not think I’m role model material.
He might be right.
The problem is that neither of us can say no to her.
Or each other.




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My ARC Review:

This was a lovely read from Emma, fun, quick, heartwarming with some wonderful and memorable characters.

Elle Evans is a famous Vlogger, on the run from her life after a sex tape of her was dropped onto the internet and went viral, one she knew nothing about. She runs away from New York to the Florida Keys in an attempt to escape the scandal and get a grip on her life that was spiraling out of her control.

Theo is the British single dad with a very cute daughter who owns several holiday homes in the town. He ends us letting Elle stay in one, just for a few days. His daughter is his whole world, dating is not a thing, and he doesn’t particularly like Elle, judging her before he knows her. Of course his daughter knows who Elle is, and is very excited to be around her internet idol, but Theo is not too keen on letting her near Elle with the scandal going on.

Of course, as he gets to know her better, he realises he has misjudged Elle badly, she is nothing like her internet persona, and they start to get on really well.

Of course there are the mandatory Emma crazy characters in her, Theo’s Auntie and her Krew!!

A lovely read, pointing out you just can’t believe in everything you see on the internet, its not real life!!




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