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The Girl Next Door by Emma Hart is LIVE!





One accidental pregnancy. One fake husband. What can go wrong?
There’s nothing like starting your Monday morning with a positive pregnancy test.
Trust me, I know. Because I’m looking at one right now.
All I can think is: Oh, hell. My grandmother is going to kill me.
This might just send her to an early grave, so there’s only one option—pretending the father is my new husband.
If only he’d agree to fake it.
Kai Connors was supposed to be nothing more than a one-night stand. A long, dirty, one-night stand fueled by one too many tequila shots, where the only promise was to never speak of it again.
But if my unfairly sexy next-door neighbor gets his way, this fake marriage could turn out to be very, very real…





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My ARC Review:

This was a fun, sweet and adorable read, the follow up to The One Night Stand Next Door, but no fear if you haven’t read this as Emma gives you a brief rundown on what’s happened previously.

So Ivy has just found out she is pregnant due to a one night stand with her next door neighbour, Kai. Her world is an upside down mess, she is dreading telling everyone including Kai, but most especially her Grandmother who is a slightly nutty character in this, is Catholic and does not believe in sex before marriage.

Kai has fancied Ivy for ages and has developed some real feelings for her, so when she shows up on his doorstep in a mess, he takes the news on the chin and steps up to his obligations, even if it means constructing a weird story for her family about them having been dating for a while, and even being engaged.

Its a super sweet and adorable read, these two are perfect for each other, Kai is such a sweetheart and would do anything for Ivy, being there for her, but not pushing her into a relationship, but trying to win her over. Ivy is a bit of a mess and pregnancy throws her for a loop, but finds herself falling for Kai and his super sweet ways.

There’s plenty of wit and entertaining banter in her, you just never knew what would come out of Ivy’s Grandmother’s mouth next! The story is relatable with all the isms of pregnancy that Ivy goes through, no drama, just a feel good funny read.

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