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Terror’s Temptress

Dublin Falls Archangel’s Warriors MC Book 1

by Ciara St. James

Genre: Contemporary MC Romance



Archangel’s Warriors MC: Brothers by choice, not blood. Born to ride until they die. All they wanted was to ride free until lightning strikes them without warning. Consumed by desire, surrounded by danger, they find the “one” who will consume, enchant, frustrate and ultimately love them. They only see each other. When Archangel’s Warriors find the “One”, they don’t back down, they don’t ever stray and they will do anything to protect their women, even kill for them. Their women are strong, feisty, and dangerous. They are each other’s every fantasy come to life. The sex is hotter than anything they’ve ever known. Those who stalk their club or threaten their women had better beware!

Terror was the president of the Dublin Falls Archangel’s Warriors MC. He wasn’t looking for a woman. He could have any woman he wanted at any time. Until one night after a dangerous mission, Harlow unexpectedly walks into his life. She was tough, beautiful, sexy, deadly and the daughter of another chapter president. The club has an enemy stalking them already. And now she enters his life with her own enemy. He plans to win her for himself, but first he’ll have to keep her father from killing him and their enemies from taking her away from him. Because he’s found he can’t live without his Temptress.



“We need to talk about us. You have to know, since I laid eyes on you, I’ve wanted you. I’ve been trying to be patient and get to know you a little better, but I can’t keep dancing around it. You asked outside what I was doing and why I was acting the way I was. The answer is, I was claiming you, so that all those guys out there knew you belonged to me and to keep their hands off. I already told my guys when you came a few days ago you were off limits, but there were new people here today who wouldn’t have known that,” he stated.

After I got over being stunned at his audacity and bluntness, I felt a bit of anger. Who was he to decide I was his? Did he think that I would just fall into his hands and give him a little fun while I was here? First of all, I wasn’t made that way and secondly, my dad would kill him. I had to set him straight. “Terror, I don’t know where you get off in thinking you have the right to decide I’m yours and then lay it out to your club or anyone else? I say who I spend time with and I’m not willing to spend it as some biker’s piece of ass. I know how this works. I’ve seen it all my life. You guys hook up for a bit and then when you get bored, you move on to the next one. I’m not like that. When I choose to be with a man, it will be because I plan on it working between us for the long haul. So hence, no bikers. Also, my dad would kill you for even trying that. I’m not sure why he didn’t say anything to you tonight with the way you were acting to be honest.”

He just smiled. “Harlow, do you think anything you just said, I didn’t already know? I knew from the start you weren’t someone who has a quick fling and then moves on. Also, I know your dad wouldn’t put up with it, even if you were inclined to act that way. The reason he didn’t say anything today about how I was acting is because I told him my plans,” he stated.

“W-what do you mean he knows your plans? What did you tell him,” I stuttered?

“I told him that you were going to be mine. And it was going to be for the long haul. This isn’t just some hit it and quit it situation. I told him I would do everything I can to protect you and make you happy. That’s why he didn’t say anything,” Terror said with a bigger smirk on his face. What the hell? Didn’t I get any say in this?

“Don’t I get any say in who I’m with? Or do you think you and my dad decide, and I go along with it like a good little girl? What if I don’t want you? What then? I’m just shit out of luck,” I yelled back! My temper was starting to take over. The fucking audacity of him and my dad! I felt my temperature rising and knew I had to get away from him quick before I released it. When I got too angry, the rage only had two ways to get out: crying or fists flying. I didn’t want to do either in front of him. I went to stand, but he grabbed my hand harder and pulled me toward him. I started to struggle to get away.

Before I could get loose or throw my first punch, he grabbed me behind the neck and pulled my mouth to his. As his lips touched mine, I tried to stay still and keep them closed. He was pressing his lips hard to mine and then started to lightly nibble on them. Then I felt him trace around my lips with his tongue. The sensations were wonderful and made me want to kiss him back, but I had to stay strong. It would do no good to encourage him.




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Savage’s Princess

Dublin Falls Archangel’s Warriors MC Book 2



Savage is the VP of the Dublin Falls Archangel’s Warriors MC. His time as a Navy Seal had shaped him to be a hard man, who defends those in need. Now, he lives to protect his club and his brothers. That is until he met Janessa Abbott. She causes him to feel things he’s never felt before and has him questioning what he wants in life. Suddenly, living for the moment isn’t enough. He wants something more; he wants her. However, she seems to be afraid and is hiding something, or from someone. He waits for her to realize he can be trusted. To see that he won’t ever hurt her. However, first he has to earn her trust, then find the man who is stalking her. Only then can she be free to be his forever. Free to be Savage’s Princess.



I leaned over and took her face in my hands and lowered my mouth to hers. She didn’t resist or pull away. Taking this as encouragement, I sealed her lips to mine. I was ready for our first real kiss.

Nibbling on her bottom lip, I teased the seam between them. I licked up to her top lip and nipped at the sexy beauty mark she had above her lip. Tracing my tongue back down to the seam between her lips, I pushed my tongue at it silently asking for entry. She slowly opened and allowed my tongue to enter her hot mouth. Once inside, I licked around her mouth and duelled with her tongue. I sucked it into my mouth where I continued to suck and lick. Her breathing was becoming labored. I took that as my cue to continue. Pulling back from her mouth, I trailed mine down to her chin, along her jaw to her right ear. There I licked the shell of her ear and sucked on her earlobe. She now had her hands upon my shoulders leaning into me. I needed to be able to touch more of her.

I pulled her down to lay on the carpeted floor. There wasn’t enough room on her tiny couch for this. She went without a fight. Once I had her laid out under me, I continued moving down her neck to her chest, kissing and sucking on her skin. I got to the top of her breasts which were showing above her tank. To that sexy cleavage I’d been looking at all day. Resting my mouth there to lick, I ran my hand up under the bottom of her top to the underside of her breast. I could feel her lacy bra touching the tips of my fingers. I traced my hands up over her full breast and rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger through the lace. Her hips jumped up off the floor and into mine. God that felt good. I was hard just from the little bit of kissing we’d done. I know she had to feel my ………



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Steel & Hammer’s Hellcat

Dublin Falls Archangel’s Warriors MC Book 3



Hammer and Steel are best friends in the Dublin Falls Archangel’s Warriors MC. They love their lives and want only one thing to make life perfect. A woman they could share and love for a lifetime. They have given up hope she even exists, until Regan comes into their lives fighting for her friend. She consumes their minds and bodies. She is the one, they just have to make her see this. And protect her from the danger lurking in the shadows, waiting to take their Hellcat away from them.

Disclaimer: This book contains sexually explicit scenes. It is intended for audiences 18+. There may be graphic description of sex acts some may find disturbing. Also, there may be descriptions of physical violence, torture, or abuse. Some strong themes are found in this series which may be triggers for some people. While the characters may not be conventional, they all believe in true love and commitment. The book is a HEA with some twists and turns along the way.



I’d found I was relaxing with them, which was unusual with unfamiliar people, especially men. I avoided men. With those two, I’d let both of them put their arms around me and call me babe without a protest. Everything had been going well, and I felt at ease. Then I’d come back from the bathroom. A woman dressed like a slut was touching both of them. I heard her asking when they would hook up that night. It was obvious from what she said that she’d been with both of them before and both at the same time. It had disgusted me.

My disgust wasn’t over the fact they’d had sex with a woman both at the same time. That kind of intrigued me, if I was being honest. It was the fact that she just put that out there in front of those other guys like it was nothing. She made herself be a cheap, easy piece of ass. And it was obvious none of the guys found it uncommon for a woman to approach them this way and offer themselves. The other thing that pissed me off was I felt jealous that she’d been with them and they were planning to hook up again. They hadn’t told her no or shook off her hands. It doubly pissed me off knowing they’d both acted like they were attracted to me all day! That was what made me realize they were just looking for a hookup and they didn’t care if it was me, her, another girl or who knows, maybe all of us at some point throughout the evening. I knew then I needed to leave and to stay away from both of them. No good came of getting into anything with a guy. I’d forgotten this for a minute. It would only end in pain and misery.



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Menace’s Siren

Dublin Falls Archangel’s Warriors MC Book 4



As the Archangel’s Warriors’ enforcer, Menace comes by his name honestly. He uses the skills he learned in Special Ops to protect his MC. He didn’t know he’d have to use those same skills to protect a woman. And not just any woman. The woman who ensnared him and made him think of forever not just tonight.


Alannah doesn’t come without her own craziness, such as a grandmother who has been trying to get a look in the MC’s compound for years, and who loves to flirt and touch “beef cake.” She’s just looking to survive, finish her degree, and help her grandmother. She isn’t looking for a man. She isn’t asking to be in danger from not one, but two forces.


She especially never expects to ache for a giant, tattooed, hot alpha male biker. He consumes her mind, body and maybe even her soul. He never expects to burn for her and not be able to get her off his mind. He is consumed with thoughts of her day and night. He wants to be able to worship her the way he thinks she deserves and his body wants.


In the end can they eliminate the danger and find each other, so Alannah can have and love her own sexy biker and Menace can have and love his Siren?



I’d been driving about thirty minutes when I noticed a car behind me. It was hanging back but still it had been there for a while. I started to get a funny feeling up the back of my neck. A tingling you sometimes get when something is about to happen and not something good. I decided to take another road up ahead to see if the car kept going or turned too. I turned quickly at the next intersection. The car did as well. Shit!

I now knew it had to be following me. Thinking of the men who were at the farm a week ago, I sped up. It sped up. I looked around. I was out in the middle of nowhere. I was scared. I had a gun under the seat which I kept in the car all the time. I pulled it out. Then I turned my phone back on. I wasn’t going to call Menace. He was probably too busy entertaining his little shank anyway. And he probably didn’t even know I was gone. Or care. I called Harlow. She could get Terror or one of the other guys to come help me. It rang twice before she picked up.

“Christ, Alannah, where are you? Everyone is going crazy here. Menace is about to tear the place apart. You left. Honey, you need to get back here and talk to him. Let him explain. Please,” she pleaded. I could hear the worry in her voice.

“Harlow, listen, I need help. I’m being followed. Can you get Terror or some of the other guys to come please, just not Menace? I’m about half an hour away on the 11E.” I heard her speaking in a muffled voice. Suddenly, Menace was on the phone.

“Jesus Christ, baby. Why the fuck did you leave? I’m losing my mind here. Where are you,” he yelled? I glanced up to see the car behind me getting closer. I didn’t have time to argue with him. I’d told Harlow what I needed. I could hear Harlow in the background talking again.

Then Menace yelled, “sonofabitch! Alannah, baby, hold on we’re coming. Stay in the car. Don’t stop. If you can get to someplace with people do it.”

I was about to tell him the last sign I’d passed when the car sped up and a shot rang out. It hit my back window causing it to shatter. I screamed. I could hear Menace yelling my name. I tried to go faster but they were too fast. As I came around the next turn, they hit the back end of my car. It went spinning out of control and crashed over the guard rail rolling down a steep embankment. Glass was shattering and the metal was creaking. I continued to scream. I couldn’t seem to help it. The last thing I remembered before passing out was the car coming to a stop and my head hitting the windshield.



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About the Author

I’m a bookaholic who has been reading since I was six years old. I love the written word and numerous genres, but romance has always been my favorite! I remember one winter I stayed in my room for two weeks straight reading not realizing it had snowed for days! I have wanted to write for years, however, life had me living in a big city working as a nurse and being a wife and mother. Four years ago I moved to Tennessee with my husband and our two adult kids followed. Last year I was finally able to quit my nursing job to dedicate my time to writing. I find I like all romance but have a particular love for erotic romances in all its forms. My biggest dream would be to have others read and receive joy from my books as I have from several of my favorite authors! Please let me know what you think of my works.


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