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Title: Cracked Open
Series: Dragon Born Academy #1
Author: T.L. Christianson
Genre: Fantasy/YA Fantasy
Release Date: August 19, 2020


Dragons, bonded mates, and irreversible decisions.

After a car accident left my only parent – my father in the hospital, I was swept away to the Dragon Born Academy by my estranged grandmother.

If I had to be there, I’d be an observer of this place with its rituals and superstitions… After all, everyone’s made it clear I don’t belong.

But then it happened…and Ashe Carrick – my impossibly irresistible bond-mate happened.

Being Cracked Open changed everything… Who I thought I was, WHAT I thought I was…


The words alone bring to mind monsters and princesses in castles.

I am the princess and the monster they locked away. However, my story has no damsels in distress, waiting to be rescued.

It’s self-rescue time, and I’m done playing nice.

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Insistent knocking brought me out of a deep, dreamless sleep.

“All right already! What?” I groaned. My head pounded like a hangover.

A masculine voice answered me from the other side of the door, “I’ve been sent to bring you to the Main Hall… Are you sleeping?”

“I was… until you woke me up!” I checked my phone, still plugged into the wall. “It’s only 6:25! I thought Breakfast was at seven?”

His footsteps led away, and I could hear a muffled, “Kids… I don’t need this right now.” Then when he returned, he yelled out, “You ready yet?”

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I yawned and stretched. “Well, you can calm down, because I’m going to need about thirty minutes…”

The door barged inward and then… he filled the frame.

Tall, dark & deadly sexy.

For several seconds I forgot how to breathe. The stranger’s jet black hair curled slightly onto his forehead, giving him a roguish appearance. Pale blue eyes rimmed with thick black lashes stared into my own.

My heart caught in my throat. Something passed between us, and I felt frozen in place.

His initial annoyance had been replaced with confusion until a more primal expression settled on his features.

The stranger wore a black military uniform with a white dragon insignia. I wondered if he could be a senior or part of the academy’s ROTC program.

Hello, Private Pantydropper.

Author Bio
T.L. lives in Colorado with her husband and two children. She’s a graduate from the University of Colorado in Boulder and an avid outdoorswoman. When she’s not outside or writing, you’ll find her playing the Sims, a new Nancy Drew Mystery or watching some Netflix. For more information or to contact T.L. visit her at www.TLChristianson.com.
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