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UNEQUIVOCAL by Ashlee Wahl

Release Date: September 17, 2020

Cover Design: Kat Trinity Designs

Genre: Contemporary Romance Standalone


For Beckett Campbell, Crimson Fortitude’s drummer, life revolves around his music and his bandmates. He’s the anchor that keeps the band grounded, acting as a big brother to his best friends. There’s no time for love on the road, and that suits Beckett just fine. The last thing he wants is to destroy someone else.

Relationships are not Ainsley Fox’s thing. She’s been lied to, cheated on, and generally treated badly enough to last a lifetime. She’s learned to keep things simple, no strings attached, so she’s in control. As Simply Serenade’s lead singer, she calls the shots. But when they land a gig touring as Crimson Fortitudes’s opening act, Beckett and Ainsley’s worlds collide and all bets are off.

Their attraction is instantaneous but when Beckett’s caught lying, Ainsley’s alarm bells are going. Haunted by his tragic past, Beckett is terrified to love again. But the pull between them is too strong to resist. Can the two of them open their hearts or are they destined to be alone for eternity?




As I’m walking around, I find a hotel that has a bar attached from the outside. Even though I don’t drink, I decide to walk in and order a water. I take in my surroundings when a beautiful blonde walks in. When I say blonde, I mean, bleach blonde. It doesn’t look dyed though. Her long thin legs are covered in black skinny jeans and she’s got on a yellow crop-top that makes her breasts look enticing and perky. She’s drop-dead gorgeous. I have a hard time pulling my eyes away from her body. It’s not until she’s standing right next to me that I look up to her face. She gives me a once over and a small smile. When I smile back, I know it’s a wicked smile. The thoughts traveling through my mind are not something she’d be fond of, no doubt. The things I would do with her body. Damn! I’m not one to date, and I don’t typically sleep around with the girls from the after parties like Colt and Ryker. Doesn’t mean I don’t have my fair share of sex. Usually, it’s with girls like this beauty standing in front of me.

“A malibu sunset, please,” she tells the bartender. I’m not surprised she ordered something feminine. Her raspy but beautiful voice has my cock springing to life. It’s so sensual sounding that my body can’t help but react. Oh, how I would love to hear that raspy voice screaming my name in bed.

She finally takes the seat next to me while the bartender makes her fruity little drink. I can’t seem to take my eyes off her and she must sense it because she looks right at me. Her green eyes sparkle under the fluorescent lighting over the bar. She raises her eyebrow at me.

“Hi,” I say to her.

“Hey,” she says.

“Name’s Steve.” I put my hand out for her to shake it. Steve? What the hell. It was the first name that popped up in my head. I usually never lie about my name, and use my status as Beckett, the drummer of Crimson Fortitude to lure girls in. For some reason, I just lied to this girl, not wanting her to know who I really am. Beckett really isn’t a name that is common, and in case she’s a fan of Crimson Fortitude, I didn’t want to raise any red flags.

“Ainsley,” she says as she takes my hand in hers. Her hand is so soft and smooth, and I want to lick every part of her body to find out if it’s just as smooth in other places.

“Beautiful name, Ainsley. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Thank you. It’s nice to meet you too, Steve.”

I give her my biggest smile. “What brings you to California?”

“Oh, I’m from San Diego but my friends and I are spending some time here.”

I raise my eyebrows and look behind her. “Where are your friends?”

She chuckles. “They are in their hotel rooms. I didn’t tell them I was coming down here, or they would have followed.”

“Need a break from them already? How long have you been in the city?”

“I just got in today actually. I wouldn’t say I need a break, but sometimes, it’s nice to just have a drink without their chattering going on.”

God, the more she speaks, the more I think about her screaming my name and saying dirty things while fucking her. I want to make small talk just to hear her speak more.

“What about you? What brings you here?”

“Who says I’m not from here?”

“Frequent a lot of hotel bars in your hometown, do you?”

“Something like that,” I reply as the bartender puts her drink down in front of her. She takes a sip from the straw and my cock throbs against my jeans again, wondering what her mouth would be like around me instead of that straw.

“What are your plans while you’re here? Planning on seeing anything specific?”

“Umm, to be honest, I’m not sure. My friends and I haven’t really made any. I guess we’ll figure that out tomorrow.”

“How long are you in town for?” She’s probably going to think I’m some weird ass stalker with all these questions. Fortunately for me, she doesn’t seem to mind answering them.

“Just a few days.”

“Back home after that?”

She gives me a knowing smirk of her own. “Something like that,” she whispers out.

Hmm, okay, so probably not going back home. This girl has secrets, clearly. I want her to tell me them. I’m not that much of an asshole to dig into those secrets though. I just give her a smile back and let her finish her drink.

“Well, I’m going to head back up to my room. It was nice meeting you, Steve.”

“Same, Ainsley. Maybe we’ll bump into each other again while you’re in town.”

“Yeah, maybe.” She gets up out of her seat and walks away. I watch her ass as she walks out of the bar. It doesn’t take me but a minute before I follow her out. I don’t know why I’m doing it, but I can’t seem to stop myself. I feel like a predator seeking out its prey. Tonight, I want Ainsley.

Ainsley slides into the elevator and before the doors can shut, I put my hand out, stopping them from closing. I walk into the elevator and push the button to a random floor. I don’t say anything, I just watch Ainsley bite her bottom lip. Unable to take it anymore, I approach her, quicker than I probably should have as she stumbles backward a little bit, her back touching the rails of the elevator.

“What are you doing?”

“What do you want me to do, Ainsley?” I ask her as my hand comes up to caress the side of her neck. I’m afraid she’s going to slap me or pull away. I’m pleasantly surprised to see that she grabs onto my waist and pulls me forward. The bulge in my pants pushes up against her stomach and a growl comes out of my throat. She wants me, just as badly as I want her. I lean down and kiss her. My tongue invades her mouth and it feels so good to kiss her. I don’t pull back until the elevator dings that the doors are opening. I step back from her, out of breath.

This must be her floor. She steps out into the hallway and looks back at me. I smile back at her, waiting to see what she’s going to do. I know she’s waiting for me to make a move, but I want her to do it. I want her to take charge in this instance. The elevator doors start to close and she shoots her foot inside, stopping them from fully shutting. She grabs my wrist and pulls me out of the elevator, and I crash into her, holding onto her so that I don’t knock her off balance. I start kissing her again and she walks and kisses me at the same time until my back is up against a door. She scans the keycard across the door pad, and I hear an audible click. I reach behind me and open it as she pushes me inside. The door makes a loud thud as it shuts on its own.

“I don’t normally do this,” she says.

“Me neither,” I lie. Everything I’ve said to this girl has practically been a lie. Now the thought of hearing her scream my name isn’t as appealing because it won’t be my name I’ll hear, it’ll be Steve’s.


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UNRAVELED (Crimson Fortitude – #1)


Ashlee Wahl is a writer of New Adult and Contemporary romance books. After years of reading about all things romance with perfectly imperfect characters, she decided to start creating her own.

She resides in Florida with her husband and four children who keep her on her toes. If she could spend her days at the beach, just relaxing and enjoying the sun, she would. Ashlee is a lover of animals, hates cold weather, enjoys reading, writing and photography. Coffee is her go to when she’s feeling like motivation just isn’t hitting her where it needs to.


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