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Release Date: September 28, 2020

Cover Design: Melody Barber

Genre: Paranormal / Coming of Age


As she approaches her senior year of high school, Jessie Mason has really come into her own as an immortal serial killer. Though living with the demands of the Fountain of Youth–which gives her immortality in exchange for blood–she has learned to control the water’s murderous voice by cleansing the streets of the vile criminals who roam free. She’s not alone, either. With the help of her family, her boyfriend Tyler, and the larger immortal Community, she knows how to keep herself safe and under the radar. Follow the rules and everything works. Trust the Community.

So when she is handpicked by a major leader for a kill assignment, she doesn’t understand her reservations about her target. Add to that, she can’t shake the weird vibe about her youngest sister’s teacher. There’s something decidedly creepy about the guy. Could the Community have made a mistake?

It’s only when her youngest sister, Cora, goes missing that Jessie is faced with a choice: follow the rules set forth by the Community or listen to her instincts and go rogue. And she has to decide quickly. Because Cora’s life depends on the answer.


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I had ignored my instincts for too long, waffling between what I knew to be true and what everyone else was telling me was the truth. Filch might be a jerk and maybe he had done some unsavory things in his life, but I did not believe him to be a killer. And though small, the overlaps among all three missing girls pointed back to Mr. Samson, whose creep vibe I just could not shake. No amount of observation to the contrary or interactions with him changed the way I felt around him. But there was the Community to consider, and none of this made any sense at all.

A little fire of anger took root in my belly, the heat crawling up my body and choking me from the inside. A sob stuck in my throat, and I crashed my fist against the steering wheel. What good was I with these supernatural abilities to kill if I could not even protect my own sister? Try though I may, I could not keep the tears from pricking my eyes and then spilling down my cheeks and before I knew it, my sobs filled the interior of my car.

And on the heels of my anger, my pain, my sense of loss, the voice of the water sparked alive, latching on to my emotions, issuing demands.


It’s time

Life for Life

Your debt…

“I know!” I screamed into the air, punching the steering wheel with my fist. “I know,” I repeated more calmly. “You’ll have what you need, I promise. Trust me.”


This response jarred me, sending a start through my being. The demand was clear, and the water was growing impatient. Not since the demands of the water had first awakened in me had I experienced its voice so loud and demanding and frankly, in that moment, it totally freaked me out. I needed to figure this out quickly or the water would force my hand and take away my choice of a victim. And then I, my family, the Community, would have far bigger problems on our hands.

My phone rang just then and a glance to the screen told me Tyler called me. I hit the green button and lifted the receiver to my ear. “Hello?” My voice cracked under the strain of emotion.

“Jess, are you okay?”

“No, I’m not. Cora’s missing and the water is angry with me. I have to deliver but I don’t know who to give it.” As I said the words, I bit back another rising surge of emotion.

“Well, I can’t find Addy, Jess. I have a bad feeling about this. I think this is the OMD and I think she knows something.”

What?!” A hot flame of anger replaced my sad helplessness from one second earlier. “Are you kidding me, Tyler? You choose this moment to bring up your suspicions of Addy? I am telling you: she has nothing to do with this! She would never do anything to bring harm to me or my family.”

“Jess, this smells of the OMD. They disappeared that other guy. Has to be them.”

“I cannot do this right now!” As I screamed into the phone, I caught a glimpse in my rearview. The same black Mazda that had tailed me the other times was behind me again. I Could not believe this. This was the last thing I needed! “Speaking of the OMD…”

“What about them?”

“They’ve been following me. I have a tail on me now.”

“Okay, stay calm.”

“I am calm, Tyler. Or at least as calm as I can be with my sister missing, the water making demands of me and running down the clock on my kill, and my boyfriend assuming the absolute worst of my best friend. I’m exceedingly calm.”

“Jessie…” Tyler’s voice was soft on the other end, and I could hear the pity in his tone. “I’m sorry. I want to find Cora, too.”

“I know you do. I have to go.” I hung up on him not just because I was irritated with him but also because I’d arrived at Mr. Samson’s house. Feeling emboldened by my fresh reserve of rage, I parked in front of his home and stared at the well-lit bungalow. The car that had been following me passed when I went down his side street, apparently giving up its pursuit for the moment. Whatever that was—whomever was following me—was the least of my concerns.


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CS Kendall first sparked an interest in writing in the third grade and has been toying with various story ideas since.

Finally, a few years ago she decided to put pen to paper and really give it a go. The Killing Cure Series is her debut work.

In her day job she feels honored to serve as a therapist in a private practice setting where she is daily inspired by the stories of struggle, courage. and overcoming her clients entrust to her. Walking through the difficulties of depression, anxiety and major life transitions is a privilege she feels humbled to be a part of. She incorporates themes she sees in her work, of humanity warring with aspiration to be better, of suffering and triumphing. She believes it truly is the story of humanity, those common experiences and struggles–sometimes endured in silent desperation–that connect us all. And she loves to find creative ways to convey that to her readership.

CS lives happily with her one and only husband, two cats, one dog and two children in southwest Michigan.


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