Julie Archer ~ Wish You Once More ~ Release Blitz / Teasers / Excerpt

Title: Wish You Once More
Series: Wish You #2
Author: Julie Archer
Genre: Rock Star Romance
Release Date: October 7, 2020




The more you love someone, the more you hurt them…


Mat Redmond chose his career over me. He broke my heart. I vowed never to let him back in.

Until he shows up in the last place I expect him to.

Old memories and feelings come back to haunt me and I can’t push them away. Then Mat abandons me a second time and I’m not sure I can forgive him again.


Bree Sheridan was my first love. And I broke her heart. I hurt her with my choices, and I vowed never to do it again.

Except I did, and I regret every single moment.

But when my family needs me, I have to come back home to look after them. If I make another wrong choice this time, I’ll lose Bree forever.

Wish You Once More is a second chance rockstar romance and can be read as a standalone.



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“How are you?” Mat asked.
The question wasn’t one I’d expected. One I wasn’t sure how to answer.
Taken out of context, he could simply be asking how work was, how life in general treated me, but I sensed there was something deeper to it. After all, this was the first proper conversation we’d had in years.
I stopped, stock still in the middle of the path. It took him a couple of steps to realise what I’d done, and he turned to face me.
“Honestly, I’m confused, Mat.” I drained the remainder of my beer, needing it to help me say what I wanted to. “One day we were fine, making plans for our future, then the next you’re telling me you’re going to America with the band. Scott said you had to.” Even saying the words out loud made my chest contract. The anger I’d felt at the time reared its head again. Anger directed at Mat, Scott, anyone associated with Trash Gun.
He dropped his half-empty cup on the ground and stepped towards me. His hands dripped my upper arms, his face inches from mine, those molten chocolate pools gazing directly into my soul.
My breath hitched. I hated how he still affected me so much with one single touch.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Author of contemporary romance featuring rock stars, small towns, a healthy dose of angst, some steamy times and always a happy ever after!

When not writing, I can usually be found binge watching teen drama series on Netflix, or supporting Spurs from my armchair, and running around after my two feline children, Corey and Elsa.

Real Angst. Real Romance.


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