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Allie Winters’ new contemporary romance, Resisting the Billionaire, is now here! Get it on Amazon or read it for free in Kindle Unlimited. This forbidden romance will have you have on the edge of your seat and is the first book in the Bishop Brothers series about three sexy billionaire brothers







When I’m forced to make a deal with my father to marry the woman of his choosing for a business deal, I never expected to find someone I connect with. Someone who doesn’t fawn all over me because I’m the heir to a billion dollar fortune. Someone who sees the real me. And someone I can’t get enough of in turn.

There’s only one problem – I can’t have her. She’s the wedding planner.



It’s the chance of a lifetime – plan the wedding of a billionaire’s son that’ll put my event planning business on the map and get me out of debt. A no brainer, right?

Except the bride wants nothing to do with this arranged marriage. And as the groom and I get closer, the professional lines between us blur until there’s something there neither of us can deny. With my business on the line and our chemistry off the charts, I’m torn whether I should keep resisting the one person I never expected to fall for.





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My ARC Review:

A different take on a billionaire / forced marriage read by Allie, who is a new author for me, and I must say I really enjoyed this one and look forward to reading more in this series!

Gabriel is one of 3 brothers in the Bishop family where Dad is the billionaire, the other 2 brothers both working for their father and his business while Gabriel is the one who is just not good enough and can’t seem to do anything right, getting into trouble at every turn. His father decides that he has had enough and Gabriel needs to settle down, and has arranged a marriage for him in the form of a business deal, tying two companies together, with Gabriel marrying the new partner’s daughter. He has no say in the matter, he either gets married or gets cut off.

It soon becomes apparent that the bride does not want to marry Gabriel either, in fact she thought she was marrying one of the other brothers! Gabriel is told to partake in the wedding arrangements and act like he’s trying, what he didn’t expect was to fall for the wedding planner!

McKenzie has the chance of a lifetime to finally put her wedding planning business out there when she is given the gig to plan a billionaire wedding. But the bride wants nothing to do with the arrangements or picking anything to do with the wedding, which just leaves the groom to help out. The problem starts when the mutual attraction between McKenzie and Gabriel grows tangible the more time they spend together, their chemistry building until it reaches boiling point!

I did start to feel really sorry for both of them, trapped in an awful situation that they just couldn’t see any way out of, yet their attraction for each other was just so there! They struggled to stay professional but ended up being friends and working well together. Gabriel’s character was lovely, showing his insecurities about having never really worked in his life but enjoyed helping McKenzie with her business, her praise for his good work showing just how much was really lacking in his life. But his lifestyle contacts went a long way to helping out her business as well, both of them benefitting from being together and realising just how good they would be together, but both having so much to lose if they did.

A great story line that was intriguing and interesting, a slow burn with some hot steamy moments thrown in, ending with a happy twist that I didn’t see coming, but am hoping to find out more about it in another book in this series!





About the Author:

Allie Winters is the author of the Suncoast University series, the Bishop Brothers series, and the upcoming Psych 101 series. She loves writing swoony, relatable romance and lives in sunny Florida with her husband, daughter, and two cats.


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