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The Director

Chicago Bratva #1

Renee Rose






The lovely attorney kept a secret from me.

A baby she’s been carrying since Valentine’s night. The night we were thrown together by the roulette wheel. She never contacted me. Meant to keep me in the dark.

She’s about to find out what happens when you cross a bratva boss.

Punishment is in order. Sequestering until the birth.

And I’ll use that time to win her surrender.

Because I don’t just plan to keep the baby–

I plan to make his mother my bride.

And it would be much better for both of us if she were willing.



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She resumes breathing with a little gasp as she tugs her hand away as if I scalded her. “Ravil.”

A prickle runs through me at the sound of my name on her lips. Because she says it like she’s claiming it for herself. Like she, too, regretted the absence of personal details after our encounter.

But that’s impossible. If she’s carrying my child, she had every reason, right, and responsibility to contact Black Light and request my personal information. To contact me with the news.

And she didn’t. Which means she didn’t want to know my name.

“Do you have something to tell me, Lucy Lawrence?”

“No,” she clips, turning away, her business-like demeanor in full command.

I catch her arm, and she rubberbands back. I immediately release it when she shoots a laser-beam glare at my hand.

“You really should have called.” I give her belly a pointed look.

She draws herself up taller, the muscles in the front of her neck going stiff. “It’s not yours,” she blurts as color suffuses her face. Her pupils are tiny points of fear.

The lie hits me square in the chest. I was right. She didn’t want me to know the existence of this child.

I cock my head. “Why lie?”

Her neck and chest spread with color, too, but she keeps her voice as even and low as mine. “I know what you are, Ravil. I don’t believe your”—she clears her throat for emphasis— “profession lends itself to fatherhood. I won’t ask for child support. Don’t ask for visitation. Don’t make me prove in a courtroom why you’re unfit to parent.”

My upper lip curls at her threat. I am a man who’s reached the top of my organization and this city with quick, emotionless thinking. I don’t usually take offense. I don’t usually make things personal.

But this time, it’s fucking personal. Lucy Lawrence thinks I’m unfit to parent my child? She thinks she’ll keep this child from me?

Fuck. That.

I give her a smile that promises retribution. “Don’t worry, counselor. I won’t ask.”

I’ll take.




My ARC Review:

The start of a new Bratva series by Renee, but when I started reading this I realised I had missed something previously… this couple had met previously (obviously as she was pregnant lol) in a book I had not read, Black Light: Roulette War, and I definitely felt I missed out by not reading this, so will go back and read it after. Other than that I enjoyed this, the connection between Ravil and Lucy was hot and steamy, Lucy liked to push his buttons, Ravil was determined to show her who was boss!

Lucy is 6 months pregnant after a night at a BDSM club where she met Ravil, the Russian Bratva boss, who dominated her beautifully and rocked her world, leaving her with an unexpected surprise. But she hadn’t let him know about the baby, and wouldn’t have but for a chance meeting, her being a lawyer and Ravil being a type of client.

Ravil is shocked but soons but it all together and takes matters into his own hands, taking Lucy ‘captive’ into his building to look after her and the baby. Their connection is just as dynamite as on that fated night, but Ravil needs to punish her for keeping him in the dark, whilst being mindful of her being pregnant and not stressing her out. He also does lots of research about pregnancy and goes about doing everything he can to make sure she is looked after, yet keeping her contained and held against her will.

A good read if a little predictable, with some great side characters that makes for interesting reading in further books.

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