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Behind the Lies

The Masked Duet Book 2

by Harper Ray

Genre: New Adult Dark Romance





I f*cked up.

I risked everything for her.

I worked hard to get myself out of the darkness that consumed me. I made a name for myself. I found a great career, and found someone I could spend my life with.


Then she came back and made me realize what I was truly missing out on.




Olivia was the one person I couldn’t live without. When she left, she kept a secret that destroyed us. I used to think we wouldn’t bounce back from that, but we did. Despite everything that tried to tear us apart, we overcame the obstacles and came out on top.


Only this time, I was the one with a secret.


And my secret will no doubt get us killed…





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Behind the Mask

The Masked Duet Book 1





For five years, I’ve stayed away. I’ve hidden myself away like I was asked, abided by the threats that came my way and kept my mouth shut.

I’m done hiding.

Returning to my childhood town after so long wasn’t an easy decision but I needed to move on from the past, take my life by the horns and make it my own again; scars and all. Yet, moving on isn’t so easy when the man who stole your heart as a child turns up at your parents’ house and with a shiny, new fiance hanging on his arm.

Between balancing the skeletons stashed away in my closet and my forbidden feelings that still lingered for Axel, I was sure my life couldn’t possibly get any more overwhelming.

That was, until the threats began to pour in again and this time with a very deadly promise attached.




I used to be a romantic. I was all about the fairytales, romance movies and books, and watching people fall in love. That was before I realized how much pain love could bring. How it could make you the happiest person in the world one minute, but then crush you like a bug in the next.


I remembered how I felt invincible as long as he loved me. At one point, he made me feel beautiful, loved and sexy. I’d never thought of myself in those terms, but somehow he always made me feel that way. It would amaze me how jealous girls used to be of my relationship with him. Even when we were just best friends and nothing more, he still seemed to put me on a pedestal that would surpass all the others.


Oh, how the mighty have fallen.


I vowed to never let Axel f*cking Kade back into my life. It was time to move on, for good. No matter how much it hurt.






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About the Author

As an author of young and new adult romances, Harper has a passion for writing stories that readers enjoy reading over and over again. Her imagination is the creative tool that helps her come up with several intriguing story lines that she hopes to share with the world. Her fans call her the “page turner author” because with each story she sucks the readers in, instantly hooking them from page one.

If Harper’s not busy writing her next book, she’s either digging into a sappy romance novel, binge watching Harry Potter or going to school full time.



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